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Sacha commented to me in 2016: “Of course you will write and speak about it, because to do anything else is not you.” So here I am writing poetry, but I am shocked the “it” is Sacha. Hurricane Irma altered my plans to attend her Celebration of Life in Buffalo where I hoped to share my poem Tribute to Sacha…A Glimpse of the Divine. Thank you for reading. I appreciate you sharing with her family and friends.

Linda Sacha’s Artwork


Tribute to Sacha
A Glimpse of the Divine

By Linda A. Mohr

She left in a flash
Sudden, unexpected, shocking
A powerhouse jolt to my being
Stomach swirling
Soul numbing
Heart cracking
Pain scale to infinity
Avalanche of tears forming
A pool of radiant memories

She left in a flash
Causing me to ponder
Why her
An extraordinary woman
Who mattered
A visionary
Love personified
Living her calling
With zest and joy
A gifted life coach, mentor,
guide, teacher, adviser,
cheerleader, author and artist
An angel in my midst

Sacha’s Book Changes Lives

Her laser beam thinking
Insightful questions
Intuitive spirit
Compassionate heart
Limitless confidence
Boundless love
Enlightened me to stop pushing
a noodle up a mountain
To creating my path of passion

Finding Sacha Anthology Story

She left in a flash
Causing me to wonder
Why now
When there are
Books to write
Poems to pen
Music to score
Portraits to paint
Photos to snap
Plays to direct
Degrees to earn
Companies to launch
Products to market
Obstacles to remove
Commotions to calm
Health to heal
Lives to live

Sacha Coaching Result
Book Published 2007

Like a grad student
searching primary sources for a thesis
I dove into seven years of coaching notes
Twelve years of correspondence
Markers of moments
Looking for answers
Looking to solace my cracked heart

Historical Sacha References

A memorable name—Sacha
She had a unique conversing style
A greeting—Hey Toots or
Linda, Linda, Linda Mohr
A closing X & O
How many a surprise
Upper and lower case a mystery
In between—juicy conversation
Oh what magic

Birthday Note in her Artist Card 2017

Her stamp of approval
Ooh this sounds so you—how divine
So luv how you keep history alive and love it so well
Yikes, they are lucky to have you as a guide
You are doing a critical piece of your life’s work
You are something
Of course you are going to speak and write about all this
because to do anything else is not you

St. Helen’s Book Fair 2011
Linda Sacha and Linda Mohr

Her applause
Yea for you
Fab, fab and more fab
So darn exciting
Wow, what an honor
I celebrate you
I am beyond thrilled
I had a wonderful cry
reading your note and beautiful Omega poem

Powerhouse Dining, Linda Sacha, Linda Mohr, Nikki Sweet at Season’s 52 in 2010

Her treasure trove
Profound soul stirring nuggets
I dubbed
Bound to jazz her

Her Treasure Trove of
Sacha…isms are Magic

Imagine a little more
Act a little less
Let mind and heart go nutty for 2 to 7 seconds
What are the possibilities

You are an event waiting to happen
You have to allow it to happen, not force it
You don’t have to know the how
Universe is cooking something up

You + God + Universe = magic in motion
Yippee feeling is where something
sits in your heart twinkling
Oh you want more
The better it gets, the better it gets

Surrendering is important
Ask God to take over this piece for now
Guardian angel is always with you
just waiting for an assignment
When stuck, ask your angel to reveal

Through gratitude your cup is filled
Through gratitude your vibration is raised

Meditation is a daily vacation from your mind
Meditation is a pause from the wackiness of life
taking you to source energy

Death serves a purpose
Throws living into reflection
Every tear is a tribute
Intensity of grieving is equal to intensity of love
All is in divine order—even sadness
Everything happens for the evolution of the soul
Everything happens for the expansion of the soul

And finally her signature request
We are grateful for anyone past or present
who can show up to help

A Glimpse of the Divine

And show up for me, they have
Higher consciousness messages
of protection, wisdom and nurturing
I am here and always have been
When you think you feel him, you do
When you feel his presence, you do
It was my time to journey on
I can help you more from this place
I can be with all of you at the same time
All can feel my presence

More of Sacha’s Joyful Artwork

As the sacred work
of her soul expands exponentially
I embrace my next assignment
with gratitude
Like an exquisite web of strands
We remain eternally connected
Her heart to my heart
My heart to her heart

Once in a while like magic
I sense a tiny tug
followed by an unforgettable voice
“Well, aren’t you something”
That’s my Sacha shot
And all is as it should be
In all ways and always



The Artful Extravaganza sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women was held on Saturday, March 1 at the Delray Beach Civic Center. I enjoyed exhibiting my creations and supporting the event.

My six-year-old Tatianna book cover still attracts visitors with her captivating eyes rendered by award-winning artist Drew Strouble. Two anthologies where I have an essay and poem published rounded out my book selections: Spirit, Peace and Joy and Women and Friendship.


I launched a photocard collection of some of my favorite cat and landscape pictures as well as a cat calendar. It was exciting to see which photos were conversation starters.

All in all–a fun day with a room full of talented writers, artists and crafters. If you are interested in learning more about Pen Women please contact me. I am a Letters member of the Boca Raton Branch.


Warm Purrs!

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