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Cat Coloring by Linda A. Mohr

Cat Coloring by Linda A. Mohr

My new creative hobby—adult coloring! My brother gave me the Creative Cats Coloring Book for Christmas and have I ever had fun!! I finished my first cat masterpiece, one of thirty in book. In the early afternoon, wonderful sunlight streams in my living room picture window. It is the perfect place for me to sit for warmth and for light exposure. Chauncey and Grace curl up nearby. It’s one of those extraordinary moments on an ordinary day. Add a cat coloring book and thirty-six beautiful colored pencils and I have the recipe for creating and relaxing.

My objectives:

  • To discover if coloring is as much fun today as it was in first grade with Mrs. Cole at Ashton School
  • To experiment with each of the thirty-six Sargent art colored pencils
  • To use points and sides of pencil for different effects
  • To color until my fingers ached
  • To complete one design before next Christmas

scan0416The first day I colored for thirty minutes before my fingers started to cramp. But a few days later I could easily color for an hour. In fact, I had to make myself stop. The magic for me is the meditative state I fall into. I lose all track of time and mind chatter and cluttering details do not exist. The only sound I hear is the pencil rubbing across the page or my breath. The only thought is what color to use next? Coloring in my book is addictive, and I want to color daily. Whether for sixty minutes or six minutes, I look forward to these times of respite.


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