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In celebration of National Poetry Month, today’s feature “Morning Visitor” is a cat poem I wrote after my beloved Lexie Lee’s passing in 2014. She was a feral who found her way to my home in 2004. She bravely survived hurricanes and fought lymphoma.

Morning Visitor

Unexplained lightness on bed
One week after your passing
Spot where you use to snuggle.

Did you return to your beloved home?
Is this the sign I asked you to send?
A sign that you are safe.

My life is so different without you
My life is so rich because of you
Ten years my fur baby, my muse.

Unexplained lightness on bed again
Ten days after your passing
I whisper Lexie Lee.

I turn over to look at you
Lightness is gone in an instant
But you are forever safe in my heart.

My welcome home greeter
My napping buddy and lap kitty
My kindred spirit.

“Morning Visitor” ©2014 Linda A. Mohr

This poem won Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion in Poetry category in 2016.


Lexie Lee



September 1 was the publication day for the first serious poem I ever wrote. I was on the family farm in Missouri for vacation in 2012. A strange event happened while I was relaxing in a lounge chair. “The Rocking Chair” (about my mother) will appear in the anthology The Light Within–A Collection of Peace and Prose published by Spiritual Writers Network. A free digital version is available on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited through Monday, Sept. 5. If you are ever interested in an author signed copy, please contact me.



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