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In celebration of National Poetry Month, today’s feature “Morning Visitor” is a cat poem I wrote after my beloved Lexie Lee’s passing in 2014. She was a feral who found her way to my home in 2004. She bravely survived hurricanes and fought lymphoma.

Morning Visitor

Unexplained lightness on bed
One week after your passing
Spot where you use to snuggle.

Did you return to your beloved home?
Is this the sign I asked you to send?
A sign that you are safe.

My life is so different without you
My life is so rich because of you
Ten years my fur baby, my muse.

Unexplained lightness on bed again
Ten days after your passing
I whisper Lexie Lee.

I turn over to look at you
Lightness is gone in an instant
But you are forever safe in my heart.

My welcome home greeter
My napping buddy and lap kitty
My kindred spirit.

“Morning Visitor” ©2014 Linda A. Mohr

This poem won Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion in Poetry category in 2016.


Lexie Lee


Muse Medallion Poetry Category

  Copyright Jerry Thornton

As Labor Day weekend signals the winding down of summer, I reflect on special blessings. I attended the Cat Writers Write Stuff Conference in conjunction with BlogPaws at Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Chandler, Arizona. This AAA Four Diamond resort is an authentic representation of the Gila River Indian Community.

Wild Horse Pass

Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

CWA’s 22nd Annual Awards Banquet was also part of the conference. Three of my online articles and one poem had received Certificates of Excellence awards and were in contention for MUSE Medallions. The MUSE Medallion is awarded to the entry in each category receiving the highest average score from three independent judges. To become eligible for a MUSE Medallion, each entry must receive an average score of at least 90 and been awarded a Certificate of Excellence. muse2

My poem “The Morning Visitor” was the MUSE Medallion winner in poetry category. This was a bittersweet moment as the poem is about Lexie Lee who bravely fought lymphoma. I felt her spirit as I stood on stage to accept “our” award from Dusty Rainbolt.

Southwest Ceiling Mural

Southwest Ceiling Mural at Wild Horse



The resort’s website promise that it “offers quiet serenity created by the Native American tribes who found haven here'” was certainly true for me as well. This was a trip to remember!


Drew Strouble and his fabulous feline artwork will be featured on the Animal Planet Network’s new show, “Must Love Cats!”(Southeast) on February 26, 2011 from 8-9 pm. Please check local listings in case of schedule change.

Drew is internationally recognized for his exquisite execution of detail. His collection of realistic watercolors of the domestic cat is the largest in the world by a single artist. Drew earned his BFA from Ringling School of Art & Design. His work has been on display in the Boca Museum of Art, the Jacksonville Art Museum and the New England Institute of Fine Arts. Exhibiting extensively for over thirty years, Drew has won many top awards and honors in painting and watercolor.  He has received a total of four highly coveted Muse Medallions from the Cat Writers’ Association.

I had the pleasure of working with Drew on the Tatianna portrait for the book cover. I sent him over a dozen descriptions of Tatianna’s eyes.  His work won the 2008 Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion Award for Best Illustration.  According to Drew, he seeks to capture the true spirit of the cat, and he does so beautifully!

One of the letters I sent Drew had this to say….Tatianna’s spirit possesses a tremendous energy force. I know she will be “assisting” you over the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see what the two of you create!! I know it will be nothing less than magnificent and will truly capture the essence of Tatianna.

Please visit Drew Strouble for additional information and to see his fabulous feline artwork. You won’t be disappointed!

Warm Purrs!

The International Cat Writers’ Association honored top writers, photographers and editors in print, broadcast and online media on November 20 at the Crowne Plaza White Plains Hotel.

My article, The Cat’s Mastery of the Present Moment, competed in the online category and received the CWA Muse Medallion. Each category is scored independently by three CWA member judges whose three scores are averaged by the contest committee. Individuals must score an average of 90 or better to become finalists and earn certificates of excellence. The top scorer in each category is awarded a Muse Medallion. Judges’ comments: “This was best from a group of very fine articles.”

Some excerpts:

Cats are masters of the present moment. Have you ever seen your cat wringing her paws over what to do about a problem or sprinting around the house multi-tasking?…..

Cats are not enamored with the past—“Wasn’t that a tasty mouse I had last week?” They certainly are not focused on the future—“When are they going to board me again?” They do not know they are not going to live forever. Cats do not worry about when the next medical breakthrough will help them or save them. They do not know the warning signs of their deteriorating heath like you do and do not flop restlessly about during the night agonizing about what will happen next…..

Brian Narelle’s theory is humans live our lives in horizontal time. “This is a plan upon which our lives are stretched out like railroad tracks running across the Great Plains. As I walk along, I often stop to look back and remember events and things that happened to me. These events serve to fuel my paranoia when I again face my future, projecting these memories onto other imagined events to come.” Animals live on vertical time and teach us to stand, to be, to breathe, in this very moment…..

To read complete article, please go to:

Bountiful Blessings!

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