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L to R, cousin Eloise, Linda, Mother, childhood friend Mary

A memory from the archives

Ten years ago in June I was honored to be interviewed by Ingrid King, founder of Conscious Cat. Since that time, she has written five fabulous cat books.

One of the questions she asked was:

Linda, “Tatianna” is your first book.  How did you become a writer?

When I was in high school, I entered an essay contest sponsored by Rural Electric Area Cooperative. Winning writers won an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.  I still have the essay and a photo album full of memories! In my mid-twenties, I worked on a college text on the psychology of clothing, but the publisher decided against it. I taught microwave cooking classes in Palm Beach County, and I have unpublished chapters of a microwave cookbook. I wrote Bobbin’ Along sewing column for a local newspaper during that decade as well.

So I have dabbled in writing for a long time. My mother recalls me announcing when I was younger that someday I would write a book. Decades later, Tatianna was placed in my life to finally help me accomplish that goal. The best part is that my mother sat next to me at my book signings!

If you would like to read the whole interview, please visit here

Bountiful Blessings!

I am making a guest interview appearance on The Conscious Cat blog on June 2. Please stop by the blog and make a comment at

Participants will be entered into a random drawing. You just may be the lucky winner of an autographed hard-cover copy of Tatianna–Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend!

Many thanks to Ingrid King for inviting me and interviewing me.

Bountiful Blessings!

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