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Hanging Out in Tote

Hanging Out in Tote

Chauncey loves bags. This is a new twist as Joe carries Chauncey in a tote on his shoulder.

So I get to my office and the keys are not in my bag to unlock the door. Flashback to the evening before………

I am relaxing on the living room couch. All of a sudden pandemonium erupts. Chauncey sprints into the dining room from the kitchen, circles around the dining table and knocks over a small tilt-top table. A metal tray crashes to the hardwood floor. Princess Grace and Lexie Lee bolt for the upstairs level. Chauncey is on their heels. I still can’t comprehend what is happening. The noise level is incredible. As Chauncey speeds by, I see a plastic tote bag attached to him. What? It looks like a parachute has just opened behind him! Minutes before I placed the bag on the kitchen table when I returned from work. I removed the water bottle and left the bag standing upright.

I leap off the couch and run up the stairs after Chauncey. He is under the bed for a split second, but reappears in my sight. I grab him. By now the bag is flattened and is hanging together on one side, but the handle is tight around his belly. He is frightened and fighting to get away from me. A fleeting thought is to cut the bag off, but I am not close to a pair of scissors. Probably just as well! With one hand I push Chauncey into the soft comforter, and he calms down slightly.

“Give me a minute Chauncey and I’ll get this thing off you. How did you get into this mess? I’ve got to get the handle around your front legs. Oh my, let me do this!”

As I continue to talk to Chauncey, he relaxes. I ease the handle around the right front leg and then over his head, and he is freed. I chuckle as I am left holding my tattered Live, Laugh and Love bag. Well, I’ve had my laugh for today!

Later that evening as I’m putting the house back together, I find the top to my lipstick tube under the dining table. It does not occur to me that the office keys were in the bag as well. A day later I find the keys in a corner of the dining room. The lipstick is still missing!

Warm Purrs!

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