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On one of my farm vacations, I watched Boots explore a hay field during mid morning. He was hunting for field mice, playing with the other kitties and poking around at the bottom of a hay bale. All of a sudden he leaped on top of it. I was fortunate to snap this action shot. I never knew what captured his attention. Later I created a haiku and discovered the joy of a photograph prompt.

Hang on Boots

Morning mission hunt

Prowling cat in alfalfa—

Hay bale distraction

Photograph and poem originally published in “Summer laJoie 2016”



Cat writers from around the world are meeting October 30 through November 1 in Atlanta for the annual Cat Writers’ Conference. One of my cat poems received a Certificate of Excellence Award and is competing in the poem category for top cat honors, the CWA Muse Medallion. Winners will be announced Saturday night. Good luck to my fellow cat poets!

Visit Cat Writers’ Association for more information about the organization and contest winners.

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