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Happy Birthday Grace and Chauncey


Grace Photo Taken 1-25-19


Chauncey Photo Taken 3-6-19

A Little History


On August 29, 2010, the three of us flew from St. Louis to West Palm Beach. These two kittens were part of a litter of six adorable fur babies that Rose delivered on June 13, 2010. The nameless kitties were itty bitty and fit in one small carrier. What an adventurous journey we have had the past nine years! Grace and Chauncey bring Joe and me incredible joy and make us laugh everyday. They are inseparable. When they are not lazing about in the pink guest bedroom tormenting Maggie Mae, my tortie stray, they are in my office playing their Muse role.

I know my brother is giving their sister Rosebud and brothers Angus, Tigger and Bootsie extra special treats today. We miss all of you and Mom Rose bunches.

Bountiful Blessings!

This week marks a milestone for Catnip Connection and for me. It is the two-year anniversary for the launch of this blog (January 20, 2008) as well as my birthday (January 18, 19??!). Numerous columns later here I am—still writing and loving every minute of it. I want to thank all who have taken the time to read Catnip Connection as well as those who have shared comments. One of the best parts about writing is connecting with my readers. I am also grateful to Tatianna’s Team of Meowleaders, Chatty Cats and Feisty Felines who helped with promotion throughout the year.

My anniversary/birthday present to you is to conduct a drawing for a complimentary copy of Tatianna—Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend. All you need to do to enter the random drawing is comment on this blog posting by January 31, 2010. Tell me why you would like to win a copy. I will announce the book winner the first week in February. The autographed book will be mailed to you (or whoever you would like to receive the book).

From birthday to birthday, I am blessed to report one constant in a year punctuated with many changes. Just as I reported last year, I am grateful for my muse, dear sweet Lexie Lee. She is my source of inspiration day in and day out as she lounges across my lap, nestles along the left side of the computer or lies nearby on a window sill. She listens to me as I read my drafts out loud, and her meows tell me to keep writing about kitties! I intend to do just that! If you have any topics you would like to read about this year, please personally email me or leave a comment on this blog. I would love to hear from you.

Bountiful Blessings!

While I was celebrating my birthday at a beach front restaurant this past week, three people at a nearby table were having an interesting discussion about birthday gifts. The female of the group said that she would never want to get an appliance (unless she had specifically asked for it) for her birthday. Her philosophy was if she and her husband needed a washing machine, the household budget should provide it rather than being given as a gift. Overhearing this story, it reminded me of the time one of my hairdresser’s clients was certain she was getting a diamond for her birthday. She got a vacuum sweeper!

Birthday celebrations—the tradition varies from family to family. My family’s tradition when I was growing up was to have ice cream and cake. My mother baked my favorite white cake and decorated it with hard sugar decorations that were bought at the local five-and-ten store. Family members with summer birthdays usually were treated to homemade hand-cranked freezer ice cream. For my January birthday, I enjoyed store bought Neapolitan ice cream and was partial to the chocolate part. A picture was snapped when I blew out the candles that were inserted in cute little plastic holders. My maternal and paternal grandparents joined us.  Cards with money were given along with wrapped gifts. Miniature plastic baskets were filled with nuts and mints. In fact, I have a collection of these vintage pastel baskets and candle holders—pink, blue and yellow. My sister and I fight over them when we spot then at flea markets!

Although I am too far away to celebrate my birthday with my immediate family, I still look forward to receiving cards and gifts from them. I collect the cards as they arrive in the mail. On my birthday morning, I delight in opening each one and reading the sentiment.  Several cat cards usually find their way to me. Surprise, surprise! And checks still fall out of some of them!

This year I made a toast to my parents as I sat at the high top table built with a Royal Palm growing up the middle. My mother would have loved the restaurant setting as that is her favorite Florida palm. The ocean was as blue as it could be, and it was a glorious day. Perhaps just like the day I was born—except lots warmer than Keokuk, Iowa in January! Thank you mother, thank you daddy.  Thanks to my ancestors who came before me. Because of all of you, I am here today and I am eternally grateful for the best gift of all—the gift of life.

Bountiful Blessings!

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