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Sunbathing in the parlor!

Reflection of Grace

One of Grace’s favorite hangouts is a five-foot cat perch. She takes a running jump off the back of the couch and lands on the top of the perch. (Well most of the time!)

I recently found Grace sunning on the perch early one morning. The southeastern light was streaming through the picture window. As I walked through the living room, I was struck by her beautiful reflection. I ran to grab the camera, and Grace held her pose. She was focused on what was happening just beyond her reach–possibly a bird, squirrel or chameleon.

As I look at the photographs, it appears a light gray and white cat is in a tree outside the window. But the tree is on the other side of the walk and close to the road, several yards from the house. The only cat is Grace on the inside of the house on the perch. I just love the reflective illusions of light! Grace just loves her view from the perch!

Undivided Attention

Happy Purrs!

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