Cat writers from around the world are meeting June 23 through June 25 for the Cat Writers’ 2016 Write Stuff Conference held in conjunction with BlogPaws Conference in Chandler, Arizona. Four of my entries in the CWA Communication Contest received a Certificate of Excellence Award and are competing  for top cat honors, the CWA Muse Medallion. Winners will be announced at a gala banquet on June 24 at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa.

As stated in congratulations letter: “The standards for winning a Certificate of Excellence are very high, and this award is recognition of your outstanding work.” In 2009 I was honored with a CWA Muse Medallion for my online article The Cat’s Mastery of the Present Moment. The first three entries listed below for the 2015 contest were created following Lexie Lee’s valiant fight with lymphoma. I know she is sending me warm purrs and five paws up. As I compose this blog, I close my eyes and see her on the office window sill as in yesteryear.

  • Morning Visitor–Poem
  • What my Terminally Ill Cat Taught Me–Online article-any other topic
  • Aftermath–Online article-any other topic
  • 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats–Online article-any other topic


Visit Cat Writers’ Association for more information about the organization and contest winners.




What does a nostalgic shoe store and a shoe box with a red rose have to do with angels? You will find out in my story The Everlasting Rose selected as one of 37 authors included in Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems. 

The book was published on March 31. A digital edition is available for 3-day free promotion April 1-3. See details at


Paperback books will be available in a week. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a signed author copy.


Lexie Lee

Lexie Lee

In tribute to my beloved Lexie Lee, here is one of my favorite columns published in 2010. She had lots of personality as you will see from her views on a housekeeper in her space!

Every other Monday there is commotion at the house—and not because of me. Mom Linda has a housekeeper. She tells me how fortunate she is to have found this person and how she’s a godsend. Well, I have a thing or two to say about this. I don’t like Monday mornings because I have to hide under the bed—almost before I have eaten. I scare easily by people I don’t know. Last Monday I sat in the picture window and watched her car drive in. I knew it was the Monday morning intruder (also known as Jennifer) because I have seen this funny looking car many times. I hesitated a few seconds. Should I go or should I stay today? Mom Linda tried to talk me into staying. But I thought it best to scurry upstairs.

For several months, I have gone to the bedroom. Mom Linda brings up my food and water, so it is not too bad. Every hour or so she comes in the room, peeks under the bed, and tells me what time it is. Like I really care! She says things like Jennifer will leave in one more hour, or hang in there just another half-hour sweetie.

A month ago I crawled out from under the bed and got on top of it. Jennifer surprised me when she walked into the room, and I did not have time to run. She petted me, and told me I was a pretty kitty. Well, tell me something I don’t already know! But I did not bite her. She went about her business, and I thought it was best to get back under the bed. Just in case, you know.

But I am getting braver. Recently I ventured out from under the bed again. Jennifer was cleaning the bedroom and making too much noise. I can’t understand why it’s so noisy to sweep up my fur. I went to find Mom Linda and she was eating breakfast. I timed that just right and got a couple licks of milk. But the next thing I knew Jennifer was cleaning the living room. Well, I have another name for it—she was messing with my favorite stuff. So I went back upstairs where it was quieter.

Jennifer likes to move Mom Linda’s things around, redecorating I think it is called. Well, I like things the way they are. I have special tables that I sleep on. She put knickknacks on a table that I use to catapult (isn’t that a cool word—I looked it up in the dictionary!) up into a windowsill. The nerve of her! Of course Mom Linda loves the changes and wonders why she didn’t think of them. But she promised to clear the table soon.

Jennifer finally replaced a tablecloth on coffee table where I hide and jump out and scare Mom Linda. She decided one day that it needed washing (too much of my beautiful fur on it) and the cloth disappeared for a long time. I didn’t think I would ever see it again! What I really need stopped is Jennifer moving my toys around. I know where everything is. There are good reasons why the gray mouse is under the couch and why the black spider is on my perch. Some days I am just not in the mood to play hide-and- seek after she leaves.

Mom Linda says I am doing fine around Jennifer. I just need to see her more. I am going to try harder because she is so happy to have a clean house! And a happy Mom Linda makes for a happy household which includes me!

Five Paws Up!


When you see your person settle down to do some fireside or after-dinner reading, jump up into his or her lap, get comfortable, and then put your paws across the book or paper. This will make turning the pages difficult, and after a while you will find they will give up.

Paul Gallico

Splendor in the Violets

Splendor in the Violets

One of Grace’s favorite sleeping spots in my office.

Twin Chauncey

Captivating Chauncey

A camera at the breakfast table got this morning Chauncey shot! Mirror images, glass, reflections, and water colors intrigue me.

Even if you have just destroyed a Ming vase, purr.

Usually all will be forgiven.

Lenny Rubenstein

Snow Boots

Snow Boots

Cat Coloring by Linda A. Mohr

Cat Coloring by Linda A. Mohr

My new creative hobby—adult coloring! My brother gave me the Creative Cats Coloring Book for Christmas and have I ever had fun!! I finished my first cat masterpiece, one of thirty in book. In the early afternoon, wonderful sunlight streams in my living room picture window. It is the perfect place for me to sit for warmth and for light exposure. Chauncey and Grace curl up nearby. It’s one of those extraordinary moments on an ordinary day. Add a cat coloring book and thirty-six beautiful colored pencils and I have the recipe for creating and relaxing.

My objectives:

  • To discover if coloring is as much fun today as it was in first grade with Mrs. Cole at Ashton School
  • To experiment with each of the thirty-six Sargent art colored pencils
  • To use points and sides of pencil for different effects
  • To color until my fingers ached
  • To complete one design before next Christmas

scan0416The first day I colored for thirty minutes before my fingers started to cramp. But a few days later I could easily color for an hour. In fact, I had to make myself stop. The magic for me is the meditative state I fall into. I lose all track of time and mind chatter and cluttering details do not exist. The only sound I hear is the pencil rubbing across the page or my breath. The only thought is what color to use next? Coloring in my book is addictive, and I want to color daily. Whether for sixty minutes or six minutes, I look forward to these times of respite.


If you only say one prayer in a day, make it ‘Thank You’.

Farm Kitchen View

Missouri Farm Kitchen View

In keeping with my annual Thanksgiving month tradition, here is my 2015 ABCs of Gratitude list. My list is a culmination of the year. But gratitude is a daily ritual. Before I get out of bed each morning, I acknowledge one blessing. I do the same at the end of the day. I’ve discovered that I can’t be in gratitude and be unhappy.

Wayne Dyer believed that if you get to a place of gratitude you will experience peace. Be in a state of gratitude for everything because there is something to learn in everything. Be grateful even for the pain because there are lessons to be learned from it. According to Ingrid King gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and shift your energy. The vibration of gratitude is a powerful force. It can shift your mood and your thoughts from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance.

Beloved Rose

Beloved Rose

Angels…all around me
Butterflies…spiritual messengers
Cats…fur friends who warm my heart
DQ…now 5 minutes away
Encore…State DAR essay winner
Friends and Family…blessings galore

Goodwill…fun treasures to resell
Home…soothes my soul
Ideas…out of the blue to write about
Joe…my rock when dangling from cliff
Kahoka…Midwest roots center me
Lemonade…my new thirst quencher
Memories…loved ones behind veil

Uncle Glen

Uncle Glen–Miss You and Our Visits

Northwood…still working remotely
Open windows…tropical breezes
Poem…first place Pen Women contest
Quiet time…in nature
Relaxation…with book in hand
Stone…great diagnostic work
Top rated seller plus…met eBay goal

Christmas Palm Tree

Christmas Palm Tree–Favorite in My Florida Yard

Universe…God’s mystery and magic
View…my backyard paradise
Weinberg…a special healer
X-rays…helpful answers
Yard sales…Kahoka Mule Festival
Zeal…for being eBay seller

What are you thankful for?


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