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A favorite kitten photo of Bootsie and one of ten photos selected to appear on for Cat Fancy’s Cutest Kitten Contest in 2011

Warm Purrs!

Circle of Love

Where does Chauncey end and Gracie begin?

Happy Birthday Brother Chauncey

Creature Comforts

Too Much Birthday Tuna for Grace

Today, June 13 is Chauncey and Grace’s birthday. How fast my two little kittens have grown up! Their birthday request–extra can(s) of tuna and egg! They have brought me incredible joy. I can’t wait to see what is in store for year two.

This time last year I headed to the Missouri family farm to care for Rose’s litter of six. We send birthday greetings to the rest of the brothers and sister–Boots, Tigger, Angus, and Rosebud. We miss you and Mom Rose.

Hope everyone gets special treats today!

Warm Purrs!

Reflection of Grace

One of Grace’s favorite hangouts is a five-foot cat perch. She takes a running jump off the back of the couch and lands on the top of the perch. (Well most of the time!)

I recently found Grace sunning on the perch early one morning. The southeastern light was streaming through the picture window. As I walked through the living room, I was struck by her beautiful reflection. I ran to grab the camera, and Grace held her pose. She was focused on what was happening just beyond her reach–possibly a bird, squirrel or chameleon.

As I look at the photographs, it appears a light gray and white cat is in a tree outside the window. But the tree is on the other side of the walk and close to the road, several yards from the house. The only cat is Grace on the inside of the house on the perch. I just love the reflective illusions of light! Grace just loves her view from the perch!

Undivided Attention

Happy Purrs!

Chauncey...The Tree Climber

Grace and Chauncey got their rabies vaccinations this weekend. So their kitty vet visits are completed. They are gaining weight nicely. Grace weighs five pounds, and Chauncey weighs six pounds, three ounces. The vet and I talked about spaying and neutering, and those surgeries will be scheduled later this fall. Chauncey has sneezed ever since he was around seven weeks old, and we are still treating that condition.

Once again they handled the car ride to the clinic just fine. They have outgrown the soft sided airline carrier that brought them to Florida. So I put
out a larger plastic carrier and let them play in it. When it was time to go to the veterinarian’s office, they crawled right in the box without any drama. The kitties are not afraid of the veterinarian or assistant. I think it helps that they toss treats on the floor! They play with them and make over them. Who wouldn’t love that!!

When the doctor examined Grace, Chauncey was playing on the floor. I had my back to him and was helping with Grace. Chauncey jumped on me and landed waist high. The doctor exclaimed, “He thinks you are a tree!”

I am trying to break Chauncey of this annoying (and painful!) habit, but I am unsuccessful. During the summer when I cared for him back on the farm, he climbed up my ankles. But he was not strong enough to go much further when he was just a few weeks old. That is no longer the case. He reminds me of Cato from Peter Sellers, The Pink Panther.  Cato jumped out and scared Sellers when he least expected it. That’s Chauncey! I can stand at the kitchen sink, and the next thing I know he is hanging on my waist. I can stoop over to scoop out the litter pan, and he lands on my shoulder. Definitely a problem! Since he usually climbs from behind me, I cannot blow air on him or squirt water at him. Chauncey’s antics would make a great video, but I can’t see him coming! Stay tuned for an update on my tree climbing tiger kitty!!

Any suggestions on stopping this behavior??

Bountiful Blessings!

There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. ~ Tay Hohoff

We did not know how Rose ended up in the garage. Steve checked with a couple of neighbors, but no one claimed her or knew anything about her. Cats had not been on the family farm for a long time. Occasionally a feral cat passed through, but there were not any pet cats. So Rose’s arrival was intriguing. She was so friendly, and her behavior indicated that she was used to being inside. She was not afraid of people. She made herself right at home in the middle of the guest bed. She jumped on tables and counters.

After Christmas, my brother and I took her to the veterinarian for a check-up and vaccinations. Except for being skinny, she was in remarkabley good shape. The vet did not think she was spayed, and we talked briefly about having her spayed in the winter.

After I returned to Florida from holiday break, my brother kept me updated on Rose. He was not living in the house yet, but he slept there occasionally and fed Rose every day. Rose was gaining weight and looking healthy. One day Rose got outside and ran through the snow and headed to the barn. She even climbed up on the roof of the barn. My brother had to get a ladder and used cat food to entice her to come back down.

We soon discovered that most of mother’s houseplants were toxic to Rose. Once around fifteen plants were quarantined in a bedroom, Rose stopped vomiting. One of her favorite spots was lying on the fireplace. A small table sat in front of the dining room window and gave a great view of the driveway, garage entrance, and front yard. Rose often sat there waiting for Steve’s arrival. She also liked to perch on the back of a recliner and look out the bay windows in the living room. From there, she had an expansive view of the lane leading up to the house and snow covered fields.

When Can I Go Outside?

I visited for ten days in March. When I opened the back door, she came running down the hall and through the living room to greet me. I loved seeing her again. Rose and I spent lots of time together. We enjoyed quiet days, and she curled up in bed with me at night. I appreciated getting to know this dear sweet creature that had magically come into our lives.

Bountiful Blessings!

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