Linda A. Mohr is an educator, entrepreneur, and eternal animal lover. For more than thirty years she has shared her life with feline companions, notably Tatianna, Noelle, Taittinger, Marnie, Katarina, Lexie Lee, Chauncey, and Grace. The experiences of living with and loving these precious pets—and learning to tell some of them good-bye—has given Linda tremendous insight into the mysterious, often miraculous, human-animal connection.

As owner of Pet Apothecary from 1977 to 1989, Linda pioneered the first pet business in Palm Beach County that offered evening hours and one-stop shopping for medical, boarding, supply, and grooming services. Through running this business, Linda often witnessed how an owner’s love and devotion can help a beloved animal overcome seemingly insurmountable medical odds.

A management professor at Northwood University’s West Palm Beach campus, Linda received the Outstanding Faculty Award for five consecutive years, and was honored in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 2002 and 2003. She served as interim academic dean from 2011-13. She has a Master of Business Administration from Nova University, a Master of Science from Purdue University, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri, and ETOM Online Teaching Certification from Michigan Educational Consortium. She is a graduate of Cat Fancy’s Cat College earning Magna Felis Laude honors.

Linda is the founder of Catnip Connection blog designed to shine light on the human-animal bond. Her poetry and photographs are included in blog. She is a member of Cat Writers’ Association, Daughters of the American Revolution, National League of American Pen Women, and American Association of University Women.

A long time resident of North Palm Beach, Florida, Linda writes about her feline Muses, Chauncey and Grace.  She visits the Missouri family farm several times a year where she connects with the resident farm kitties, Rose (mother of Chauncey and Grace), Bootsie, Tigger, Angus, Rosebud, and Tom. She continues to feel Tatianna’s wise, loving presence at work in her life.

You can connect with Linda at