A Yearning Come True…a student at Oxford

In 2010 I published my first ABCs of Gratitude. It is a November project that I look forward to every year. As I reminisce about the year and look back on previous lists, some years have more ups. Others have more downs. But in the end, I always found 26 blessings. This year was no different.

I also start each morning by acknowledging one thing I am thankful for. Since last year I have added a nightly gratitude ritual. Before falling asleep, I count off on my ten fingers what I am thankful for the day. I credit this idea to Linda Sacha, a dear friend and my life coach who suddenly passed away in August. I find reviewing the grace and goodness of the day is the perfect way to end my day.

Ageless Authors Anthology…Morning Visitor poem

Baseball…spring training games with brother

Morning Visitor Poem

Christ Church…student accommodation

Draperies…new living room look

Electricity…restored 7 days after Irma

My Meadows Double Gothic Window and Balcony

Family, Friends & Fur Babies…blessings galore

Glimpse of the Divine…Sacha poem tribute

High Table…Oxford dining

High Table on Dais at Christ Church

Inspiration…black cat ABC poem

Junk Jaunt…Iowa treasure hunt

Knight…picture with Coach Knight & brothers

A Sports Moment to Remember

London…another Heathrow touch down

Maggie Mae…tortie stray adopts me

Northwood…interim PLA coordinator

Oxford…Country Houses course

Pen Women…creativity guest blog

Spiritual Muse Lexie Lee

Quinessential Store…new “old” merchandise Perry, MO

River Poets Journal…Little Red Bowl poem

St. Paul United Church of Christ…150th Anniversary

My Hometown Roots

Tatianna…10th anniversary

Understanding…sudden thoughts

Vacation…Oxford, London, MO, IL, IA

Evening End Revelation

Winning…Pen Women poetry awards

XOXO…Message in Baggie on web

Yoga…strength and balance

Zebra striped butterfly…Sacha’s spiritual message

Exquisite Family of 4 in Backyard, Photo Credit Jaret Daniels

What are you thankful for today and for this year?