British Reception at The Chesterfield Hotel Mayfair

As my British Airways flight touched down 6:30 a.m. at London Heathrow, I said to anyone awake, “I’m home.” I have always experienced this feeling in my favorite city in the world. As the taxi cab driver made his way to The Chesterfield Hotel with me ogling over all the familiar sights and sounds, my happy soul acknowledged again, “I am really home!”

In a few days I will head to Oxford for the primary focus of this 2017 jaunt. But I simply could not bypass the opportunity to return to London for the eleventh blessed time. So for now I will stay at The Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair for several reasons. I have a history with The Chesterfield Palm Beach as that is where I held my book signing party in 2007 for Tatianna-Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend. Chesterfield Mayfair is located in one of most beautiful areas of London, is within walking distance of Gray’s Antiques and is authentic British.

I luckily arrived without jetlag and spent Friday morning having a wonderful English breakfast in the hotel, exploring the area on foot and getting access to my room around noon. My little cozy bedroom was a joy.

My Serenity Retreat

Later I explored Gray’s Antiques where multiple dealers have their wares. I’ve joked that my car automatically stops for garage sales, thrift stores and antique shops in the states. When I am in London, the vintage markets call to me and off I go on foot.

Scottie Dog Buttons & Brooch


I found some sweet little Scottie dog buttons for my eBay customers and I added a brooch to my personal collection. Love brooches with faces! I appreciate how the “hustle and bustle” in London is offset by peaceful parks and wide open spaces like my favorite St. James Park. This trip I sat in a park at Trafalgar Square a few minutes from the hotel.


Antique Treasure Hunt Begins at Notting Hill

I would not be in London and not go to Portobello Market on Saturday. It is billed as the largest street market in the world. My feet agree! The eclectic one mile market includes antiques, vintage stuff, collectibles, food, clothing, flea market items and more. As my cabbie dropped me off at 9 a.m., my heart is racing and I can’t wait to begin the hunt. What will I find? I walked miles and ate at a little Italian café where one cook prepared all the food just a few feet from patrons. So entertaining! I bought lots of buttons (but sadly no cats available) for resale from a lovely British couple that have had a button booth for 21 years at Portobello. They take a bus and train every Saturday morning for an hour to get to their shop. They have attended National Button Conventions in America—yes, there are such meetings! And yes, some collectors specialize in cat buttons, myself included!

Little Art Pictures

I arrived back at The Chesterfield after an exhilarating market day, welcomed an impressive room service dinner, repacked my suitcase cubes and prepared for my next adventure.

Next Up: Arriving at Christ Church in Oxford