C&GWhenever I leave the house, I have a cat ritual. I go to Lexie Lee, Chauncey and Grace and say good-bye. I pat each on the head and tell them when I will return. Sometimes, they are hanging out together in the third level hall, master suite or office area, but other times I have to look for them on one of the other levels of my home. Earlier this week, I started my rounds with Lexie Lee in the master bedroom. Then she slid under the bed where she likes to sleep when I leave. Chauncey and Grace were nowhere to be seen. I headed downstairs to the second story. I scanned the cat perch and window sills, but no felines were in the living room or dining room. Chauncey met me in the kitchen.

“Where’s your sister?” Oh, if he could only talk!

I went to the lower level. Grace often sits in the guest room window to watch me leave. But she was not there. So back up two flights of stairs! I searched my office again where double windows look out over the street and is a popular station for all three cats. No one there this morning. I looked under the bed for cat ears and saw Lexie Lee nestled between storage boxes, but no Grace. To make sure, I went to the kitchen for a flashlight and returned to bedroom to check under the bed again. I was right–Lexie Lee was alone. Back in the kitchen, Chauncey was still waiting for me. He knew I was looking for Grace.

By now, I was concerned. Where was Grace? I had not opened any outside doors, and the windows were closed. Less than fifteen minutes ago, Grace was in the dining room hoping to get a lick of almond milk from my cereal bowl. But now I sensed something was not right. Back down to lower level I went with Chauncey running ahead. Still no sign of Grace in cat library. Chauncey brushed up against my leg as I entered the hall to recheck the guest bedroom.

“Where is Gracie?” I ask again as I survey the room. I go back into the hall to return upstairs and Chauncey stopped in front of the laundry room and sniffed the door.

“Grace isn’t in there sweetie. I have not been in that room today.” Chauncey would not move. He looked up at me imploring me to open the door.

To show Chauncey that Grace was not in laundry room, I opened the door. To my amazement, Grace appeared! Chauncey acted as relieved as I was to be reunited with his buddy. I reached down and petted the duo.

“Thank goodness Grace. Why didn’t you meow? Chauncey, what a great finder you are for leading me to Grace!” He knew all along his sister was shut in the laundry room.

As I drove to work, I thought about Chauncey and how smart he was. No, he couldn’t talk, but he communicated through his body language, eyes and actions. All I had to do was pay attention!

If you are wondering how Grace mysteriously disappeared, I learned Joe had stored cleaning supplies in the laundry room a few minutes before I started my good-byes.

Have you ever lost your cat in your house?

Warm Purrs!