The125Questions_51G8EV4R3TL__AA160_ Every January I look forward to the Village of North Palm Beach Library Book Sale. This five-day event is awesome, and I visited the sale twice looking for books for inspiration, entertainment, and collections.

The Friends of the Library use the same layout each year, and I have it memorized. The nature books are always my first stop. This year I snagged two cat books including The 125 Most Asked Questions About Cats and Encyclopedia of the Cat. A vintage find was a dog book, Old Yeller published in 1956 with wonderful black and white prints and the presidential dog, Millie’s Book as dictated to Barbara Bush.

My next favorite stop is art, and this year I found a couple of photography books. One is published by Life titled More Reflections on the Meaning of Life. The other is The Circle of Life…Rituals from the Human Family Album. Wonderful coffee table books and ideas for my photography lessons!
I always hope to find more cookbooks to add to my cherished mother’s collection, and this year did not disappoint. Old Fashioned Family Cookbook and Potluck Recipes made their way to my house. The Potluck book is published by Taste of Home and reminded me of a wonderful trip my mother and sister took to Greendale, Wisconsin where Taste of Home is located. The book, The Recipe Club is a tale of food and friendship–looks like a neat novel with recipes!

The inspiration and religious table yielded Tea Time with God filled with beautiful devotions and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book, Gift from the Sea. Her book is one of my all time favorites that I already own, so this book which looked brand new will go in my gift stash along with a baseball book for my brother.

I found several poetry books including the Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and 101 Famous Poems. I’ve written a couple of poems this past year and hope to find more inspiration. Along with the poetry books, I grabbed several little books–topics like On Friendship, To Be a Friend and The Book of Love. Easy and fun to read when I need a book fix but no time to tackle a novel!

Millie_51TE90GTVVL__AA160_ But speaking of novels, I did find Water for Elephants which I somehow missed reading when it was released. I always enjoy Anita Shreve’s novels and All He Ever Wanted will go in the guest bedroom. The Pianist caught my eye along with Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.

My outings were lots of fun while supporting the Friends of Library cause. My incredible book treasures represent hours upon hours of reading and enjoyment. So off to my Victorian rocking chair with Lexie Lee in my lap. Time to find the answer to my cat question: Why is a cat’s tongue so rough? I think I have just the book to answer that question!!

Warm Purrs!