rock creek canyon

I do not set New Year’s resolutions. My birthday month is January. So I take the month to reflect on the previous year and to set my themes or intentions for the upcoming year. It’s a time when I take stock of the highlights. What gifts, blessings and accomplishments came my way? What went well month by month? I also consider the lowlights. What didn’t turn out the way I hoped or didn’t go well? What was hard? Where did I struggle?

Through this process, I start with a clean slate of clarity on how I want to move forward. I can see what unfinished business there is as well as what is not serving me well. I understand what I need to let go to make room for new highlights.

My brother Steve sent me a Blue Mountain e-card that said “Wherever 2013 life takes me, I desire in year ahead: Magic and mystery, remarkable moments, fun adventure, delightful surprises and joy and laughter”. That got me to thinking about what I might manifest in 2013. Clearly, I want to travel more, create more and garden more. So here goes.

Magic and mystery: Compose and capture the beauty of felines in photographs
Remarkable moments: Learn new yoga poses, finish photography course, visit spa often, contribute to organizations
Fun adventure: Go on luxury train trip, weekend getaway to Breakers, go to bed & breakfast
Delightful surprises: Grow my Catnip Connection blog, win a contest (Publishers’ Clearinghouse would do!), publish something like a calendar or essay, have a gardening success
Joy and laughter: Spend farm time with family and kitties, connect with dear friends

A quote by Viktor Frankel sums up another way to look at 2013: Live as if you were living a second time and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.

Warm Purrs!