My Muse–Princess Grace

My 2012 ABCs of Gratitude reveal many blessings. This simple yet thought-provoking exercise is a unique way to reflect on the year. Grab a sheet of paper and label it A through Z. Fill in with your blessings. If you get stuck on a letter, a dictionary is permitted! Making my list has become a Thanksgiving month tradition.

I credit Ingrid King for suggesting this activity three years ago. According to Ingrid, “Gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and shift your energy. The vibration of gratitude is a powerful force. It can shift your mood and your thoughts from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance”.

A for Ancestors…my proud heritage
B for Bonaparte’s Retreat…Tatianna book sales

C for Cannon Camera…recording life through my eyes
D for Daughters of the American Revolution…elected librarian
E for Essay…Out of Sight honor from Pen Women
F for Family…siblings healthy and employed
G for Gourmet Dinner Club…friendship and fellowship
H for Hope…my life works out as God intends
I for Interview…Sketch People by T. J. Banks
J for Joe…always there for my beloved cats and me
K for Kindness…of colleagues, friends and strangers
L for Leopard Lounge…Thanksgiving dinner at Chesterfield Hotel
M for Muses…Lexie Lee, Chauncey, Grace and five farm kitties
N for Northwood University…ongoing career opportunities
O for Outstanding Business Leaders…black tie gala
P for Photography…my first juried art show
Q for Quiet Weekends…to retreat and rejuvenate
R for Royalty Checks…an occasional surprise
S for Sugar Cookies…iced and sprinkled
T for Teapots & Treasures…perfect tea room for my friends
U for United States of America… land of the free
V for Vacations…family farm destination
W for Walking…being one with nature
X for Xmas…in snow powdered country
Y for Yoga…stretches my body and quiets my mind
Z for Zest…to fulfill my life mission

So there you have it. Now what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!