Lexie Lee

Mom Linda tricked me into going to the vet, and I am ticked at her! Every so often I am put into a carrier. But this time I was on to Mom’s agenda. Oh, the morning started out nice with getting a bowl of my favorite crunchy food. I was nibbling away wondering how much better life could get. But I heard a familiar sound coming from downstairs—the sound of the cage being lifted out of the closet. Chauncey and Princess Grace heard the high alert too. We took off like rockets shooting for the bedroom and hid under the bed. All was quiet for a long time. Chauncey left to go check out the surroundings. But he did not return. So Princess Grace and I stayed under the bed just in case Mom Linda was waiting to grab each one us. She’s been known to do so. There’s this spot near the middle of the bed where we are untouchable. Sometimes Mom Linda lies on the floor and tries to reach us, but her arm is not long enough.

I was looking forward to a leisurely day eating and sleeping and hanging out with Mom Linda on her day off. I didn’t like being stuck under the bed. And I sure was hungry! But I decided she’s not going to get me today. Last time this happened she had to reschedule the vet appointment two times before she got me! I drifted off for a quick snooze and was disturbed by Mom Linda’s footsteps. She was talking to Chauncey and moving around in the bedroom and closet. Then she left the room, and it got quiet again. But not for long. She came back and I heard my favorite familiar sound—crunchy food dropping into my food bowl. Princess Grace and I crawled out from under the bed, and I chowed down. Mom Linda did not let my brother or sister eat any of the food. “That’s for Lexie Lee. She missed breakfast,” she said so sweetly. Finally she was on my side. Oh, the day was looking up!

But suddenly, without warning I am scooped up and taken downstairs. Before I can put up a tussle I am crammed into that dreaded cage. Cat curses—tricked with my favorite food! I must find a way to hide food under the bed, so I am never lured out again.

Well, the vet visit was not so bad after all. My ears looked great when this thing was stuck in me. But it did not hurt, and the vet told me how sweet I am. Mom Linda made over me all the way home and turned the air conditioner on extra cold. My favorite part of being in the cage was when she set me inside the house, and Chauncey came to greet me. I was freed and finally got to finish breakfast.

Five Paws Up!