One of my favorite amusements is wandering around pet supply stores and checking out products. To be honest, I go to play with the animals! Every Saturday a cat shelter brings cats for adoption to a store near my house. This weekend they were hosting a cat shower complete with a decorated cat cake and punch. The adoption room was filled with kittens–each one more precious than the next. No, I did not come home with any new brothers or sisters for Lexie Lee, Chauncey or Princess Grace!

But I did purchase a FURminator for them. This time of the year Lexie Lee is shedding her heavy winter coat for summer and suffering from hairballs. The temperature is in mid 90s today, so this miracle deshedding tool better hasten along the process. I’ve known about this product, but just have not taken the time to purchase. The FURminator was designed by a groomer and is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb. It reduces hairballs, helping to keep your cat healthier. The company stands behind the product and offers a full money-back guarantee within thirty days if not completely satisfied. I like companies willing to make that kind of commitment.

I selected the small cat, up to ten pounds product. It was on sale for $34.95, a $5 savings. A deshedder for ten pounds and over is available as well as different sizes for dogs. I combed Lexie Lee for fifteen minutes today and got enough fur off her to cover one of those kittens I saw yesterday. Amazing how much undercoat and loose hair it reached compared to the tools I usually use. Chauncey and Princess Grace watched, and they wanted the same attention. Their hair is shorter, and I was surprised how much hair was removed.

For further information, visit FURminator.

What is your experience with FURminator?

Warm Purrs!