A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness.

~Charles Baudelaire

Today I exhaled and enjoyed small delights! I’ve had a whirlwind of activity for over a month. Lots of fun and exhilarating events such as my sister visiting, doing some house redecorating, getting ready for my first photography exhibit, entering two essay contests and going to gourmet dinner club. And oh, did I mention some really big projects at the campus?

Now I live with master teachers, Lexie Lee, Chauncey and Princess Grace to remind me daily that small delights constitute happiness. The temperature dropped over night. So when I opened the dining room windows this morning, the three masters headed to the windowsills to check out the cool breezes.  Later Chauncey was entertained by draping over the top of the refrigerator and poking his head in the freezer when I opened it. Princess Grace had fun rearranging a stack of magazines all over the living room floor. Lexie Lee disappeared under the bed for a few more hours of peace and quiet after breakfast.

Mid Sunday afternoon and still in my sleepwear, I decided to mirror the masters. Chauncey was high on the perch, Princess Grace was in her pink velour bed, and Lexie Lee had resurfaced on the coffee table—all in the snooze mode. I flopped down on the couch within a few feet of them and took a long nap.

Connecting with a friend, reading a Country Living magazine and eating a piece or two of delectable chocolate are some of the small delights that made me happy today. But most of all, staying home to spend time with my fur babies was the happiness key.

What small delights bring you happiness?

Happy Purrs!