Lexie Lee and Princess Grace

This weekend at the Daughters of American Revolution meeting, one of the members recounted an amusing story about her cat’s antics for attention. Every morning between 4 and 5 a.m., the cat butts against her head until she wakes up. She does not get up to feed the cat, and after a few minutes the cat goes back to sleep. I’m not sure what happens to the pet mom! She’s probably awake for hours!

Princess Grace wakes me up around 2 a.m. several times a week. Her routine includes climbing all over me and laying on my chest. Then she tries to nibble on my fingers or lick my face. After hearing me say no several times and moving her off to the side, she jumps off the bed. I hear her running down the stairs. Fortunately, I fall back to sleep quickly.

Chauncey usually sleeps draped over my feet. He does not disturb me. Lexie Lee is unpredictable. Sometimes, she snuggles next to me or sleeps on my pillow. She likes to chew on my fingers. If I am all covered up, she leaves me alone.

None of the cats get crazy to be fed early. When I wake up, the three are patiently staked out in the bedroom. One is perched on the window sill watching squirrels and birds in the backyard, and the other two are in bed. Occasionally, two of them are sharing the window sill as you see in the photo above. Some mornings all three are staring at me as if to say, “Are you ever going to get up?” They make me laugh out loud!

Do your fur babies let you sleep through the night?

Happy Purrs!