Every January I look forward to the Village of North Palm Beach Library Book Sale. The four day event was expanded to five days this year. I visited the sale three times looking for books for inspiration, for entertainment, for references, and for collections.

The Friends of the Library use the same layout each year, and I have it memorized. The nature books are always my first stop. This year I was thrilled to find eight animal books. Some of the titles include How to be Your Cat’s Best Friend, Pet Speak, Cats in their Gardens, and Best Friends. The Well-Read Cat is a beautiful book filled with 100 cat photographs. A dog book, Cold Noses and Warm Hearts, was published in 1951 and has interesting artwork. I found more cat books in the children’s section including Cat’s Letter to Santa, Socks, and The Cat Who Wished to be a Man.

My second stop is the art section. I found an eight volume set of books by Kodak—couldn’t believe they were still there! These are great references to add to my books from the course I am taking from the New York Institute of Photography.

The religion and inspiration section yielded Angels Among Us and God’s Inspirational Promise book. I found the 2008 and 2011 editions of Guideposts. I am only missing two years and the decade of the 2000s will be complete!

I found four books in the history area relating to my interest in Daughters of the American Revolution. One book was about Revolutionary battles and another was Great Women of the American Revolution. Two books were on the War of 1812. My ancestors served in both wars.

The cookbook section is always one of my favorites. This year I found Muffins and Quick Breads, Miracle Muffins, and Simply Delicious. Being a dessert lover, Sweet Talk went home with me without hesitation! These books will be added to my collection of cookbooks inherited from my mother.

I found an extensive section of Barbara Taylor Bradford novels. My sister will enjoy these when she comes to visit. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese was added to my book bag. This book is already in my collection, but I can’t resist old books. This 1933 edition is a keeper! I also found lots of little books that can be read in an hour or less—on everything from Friendship to Being at Peace. A few of the finds will be tucked away for next year’s Christmas gifts!

What a way to spend a weekend and what a worthy cause for the Friends of the Library! Sunday was lots of fun as books were reduced from $1.00 to 10 cents! You can imagine the activity—wall to wall people and nowhere to park! Can’t wait until next year!

Happy Purrs!