I took a nasty tumble down some stairs last weekend. I was headed to the lower level of the house to feed the kitties, Chauncey and Gracie. They dashed ahead of me. I missed the third step and tried to catch my fall by grabbing onto the banister. I landed hard on my right side, twisted my left foot on the fifth step, and broke a fingernail way back. I was certain I had broken my ankle, and I let out a scream. The kitties were at the base of the stairs leading into the room where they eat. Lexie Lee was at the top of the stair landing looking down at me. Chauncey ran to the step where I landed and rubbed up against me. He stayed with me for several minutes before moving up with Lexie Lee.

Gracie maintained her position at the bottom of the stairs and kept her gaze focused on me. Lexie Lee and Chauncey did not stir from the upper part of the hall. Like Gracie, they watched me intently. No one meowed.

They had never seen me like this. Their expressions told me, “We are staying here until you get up.” They had forgotten about their late night snack. I was comforted by the thought if I could not get up for awhile, I was not alone. After about fifteen minutes, I made an effort to move my foot. I wriggled my toes. But I could not stand. I managed to scoot the rest of the way down the steps. As I moved, Lexie Lee and Chauncey followed me.

I groaned and made lots of noise as I slowly hopped into the room. They continued to watch me. I think I scared little Gracie. I fed them and crawled back up the stairs to the second level and then hopped my way to the third level and fell into bed. The three cats soon joined me.

By some miracle, I did not break any bones. Lessons learned—go slowly on the steps. It’s ok the cats get to the destination faster! And never underestimate their powerful presence and support!

Warm Purrs!