January is a month of celebrations. Along with Catnip Connection’s bloggerversary, this month also marks my birthday. During my birthday month I reflect on 2010 and plan for the 2011. I recall a year punctuated with challenges, changes, and growth.

I started the year out with Tufts University’s Catnip newsletter publishing the Hurricane Kitty story and speaking in a creative writing class. February marked my uncle’s farm, equipment and household auctions. I joined Facebook. In March, Lexie Lee’s Meowlogue was launched, and I graduated from Cat Channel’s Cat College with a Magna Felis Laude Honors Diploma. I redecorated my living room in May and spent my summer clearing out my mother’s house with my siblings’ help. The difficult task was softened by Rose’s litter of six kittens born in June. I learned more about kitties than I ever imagined. When I wasn’t going through sentimental photographs or litter training six kittens, I took timeouts to market Tatianna. My efforts resulted in the book being carried by eight specialty retailers in the Midwest by the end of the summer.

A new university year was kicked off in August with a change to semesters and lots of adjustments to make. My mother’s auction was in October, and a kaleidoscope of memories flooded my mind as each lot was held up and sold. The rest of the fall Tatianna book events were held at the Palm Beach International Airport Paradies Shop, Taste of Home Cooking School, and Treasure Coast Cat Show. I spoke at the Village of North Palm Beach Library and Prosperity Oaks. I spent a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with Joe at The Chesterfield, wrapped up fall semester, and returned to the Midwest for a beautiful old-fashioned family Christmas. For a complete look at Tatianna events for 2010, visit here

Throughout 2010, I was blessed to have one constant, my Muse, dear sweet Lexie Lee at my side. However, in August two more adorable kitties from Rose’s litter joined the household, Chauncey and Gracie. These three felines are my source of inspiration day in and day out as they lounge across my lap, nestle along the left side the computer, or lie nearby on a window sill. They listen to me as I read my drafts out loud, and their meows of approval encourage me to keep writing about kitties! If you have any topics you would like to read about this year, please personally email me or leave a comment on this blog. I would love to hear from you.

Warm Purrs!