Merry Christmas from my fur babies, Lexie Lee, Chauncey, Gracie, and me. Enjoy this Christmas poem by Rosalene Guingrich.

Oh, let there be joy
In the old home tonight,
A tree in the window
With soft candlelight.
And let there be music,
Some glad smiles and mirth
For those who still gather
Around the old hearth.

Oh, let there be garlands
And firelight’s glow,
The warmth of affection
Where bitter winds blow.

‘Tis good to hear laughter
And bursts of delight
For homey gifts hung
On the tree Christmas night.

In my heart is the spirit
Of days long gone by,
And I long to play Santa
As Christmas draws nigh.

Home ties are calling,
And tapers burn bright;
Le me rush home for Christmas
With childish delight!

Merry Christmas!