Lexie Lee

A special thank you to Ingrid King for suggesting the ABC’s of Gratitude. According to Ingrid, “Gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and shift your energy. The vibration of gratitude is a powerful force. It can shift your mood and your thoughts from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance”. It’s a simple exercise. Grab a sheet of paper and label it A through Z. Fill in with your blessings. I found it fun and eye-opening! What a great Thanksgiving ritual. Here’s my 2010 list.

A for Antiques…appreciating family heirlooms
B for Blog…blogging about cats in Catnip Connection
C for Chauncey…new kitty, inexpressible delight
D for DAR-Daughters of the American Revolution membership
E for Ethnic food…French, German, Mexican, Italian, Greek
F for Farm…rejuvenating on farm with brothers and sister
G for Grace…second sweet kitty this year, Chauncey’s brother
H for Home…beautiful tropical home filled with love and cats
I for Ideas…for creative classes, blogs and articles
J for Joe…can count on him always
K for Kindred spirits…guiding and watching over me
L for Lexie Lee…incredible hurricane cat, a dear companion
M for Mother’s Memory…a grand lady dearly missed and loved
N for Northwood…employer for over 20 years, where I can thrive
O for Ocean…refreshing breezes at my home
P for Prayer…connecting with Divine energy
Q for Quietude…being tranquil and calm
R for Rose…miracle cat, Chauncey and Grace’s mother
S for Sacha…life coach who always knows what to ask
T for Tatianna book…retailers and readers’ support
U for University…students and colleagues who inspire me
V for View…third story home office, my sanctuary
W for Writing…about my passion–cats
X for Xmas…cat tree with over 200 cat ornaments
Y for Yard…filled with nature’s gifts, a paradise
Z for Zeal…making a difference

So there you have it. Now what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!