Great news! Lily has a new home. About a month ago I introduced a black and white kitty that needed help. Her caregiver Rosemary had moved into assisted living. Lily was in danger of being returned to the animal shelter.

Lily’s forever home was found through a Facebook friend. The new caregiver Nicole has always wanted a black and white kitty. She met Lily, and Lily was saved. Lily was checked over by a veterinarian, and her main issue was being extremely overweight. But Nicole was up for the challenge.

Lily went from living with one person to a family of children and cats. She has settled in beautifully. Nicole reports, “Lily is doing great.  She is already losing weight and is so much more active.  She still likes to torment Eloise, but she and Hunter have learned to co-exist peacefully.  She is fantastic with my boys and is extremely affectionate – has taken over as dominant cat for my attention and my bed!!”

When I first learned about Lily’s plight from a couple of my students, I could not imagine what it must be like to be in Rosemary’s situation.  To have to give up your pet and to go to assisted living—that was too much to get my mind around. But I know this is a dilemma that many elderly people face. I am grateful that this story has a happy ending.

So a big thanks to Nicole and her family for opening their hearts to Lily and giving her a new lease on life!

Bountiful Blessings!