You Caught Me

Superstitions have long been associated with black cats. In the Middle Ages in Scotland, a black cat that entered a house was seen as a harbinger of good luck. Cats in Japan have historically been revered as objects of beauty and black cats in particular considered good luck.

Black cats have also been the objects of fear and hatred. Witches and black cats have been inseparable in history. Anna Winkelzipfel’s witch trial in 1586 found her guilty of disguising herself in black cat skins and entering Jacques Porter’s room with the intention of doing him harm. There are superstitions about cats turning into witches and witches turning into cats. Some people believe that if a black cat crosses their path, it might be a witch in the guise of a cat.

As Halloween approaches, black cats may face danger. Sadly, I have heard too many malicious stories about the torture of black cats. Your indoor/outdoor cat should be kept inside for several days before and after Halloween. No exceptions! If you are planning a party or greeting trick or treaters, place your cats (of any color) in a safe room for the evening. You will not have to worry about your fur babies escaping through an open door or getting spooked by a scary costume. 

I Feel Lucky Today

Black cats are less likely to be adopted because of being associated with evil and of bringing bad luck. According to Kathy Covey, public relations and marketing manager for the Cat Adoption Team no-kill shelter in Oregon, “black cats are the last to find homes.” The shelter has creative Black Cat Adopt-A-Thons such as Black Cat Friday after Thanksgiving and Black by Tax Day in April! How about celebrating Halloween differently this year and adopting a black cat from your local shelter? Shelters usually restrict black cat adoptions around Halloween, so plan to adopt in November.

I Can Fit In


Dear friends of mine, Greg and Dawn, have a household filled with amazing black cats. Not one, not two, but three!! You have already meet the adorable duo: Athena and Ares. Everyone was having so much good luck they just could not resist adding their third baby–Apollo! Can’t you see why?

Do you have a black cat or two or three? I welcome your stories and comments about black cats.

Bountiful Blessings!