By now you know two kittens named Chauncey and Gracie have been added to my household. They are almost 15 weeks old, and they have quite a story to share about how they made their way to me. So let’s start at the beginning and over the next few weeks, you will get the whole story.

Their journey actually goes back to Christmas of 2009. Four days before I returned to the family farm in Missouri, my brother Steve discovered a calico cat in my mother’s garage. When he opened the door to the house, the cat followed him in and jumped on mother’s chair in the kitchen. Steve bought cat food and checked on the cat daily. Our mother had passed away in July and no one was living in the house. He promptly named her Rose—after our mother Rosemary.

A light snow was falling on the evening of my arrival. I had forgotten about the cat. When I opened the garage door, I heard a rustling followed by a meow. Out from a dark corner, the most adorable cat appeared. The cat greeted me as if she had known me forever. I unlocked the house, and she followed me in and jumped on mother’s chair! I had heard this story before!

I was astounded. My dread in entering a dark, empty house without my mother to greet me was overshadowed by Rose. From that moment forward, she took charge of our Christmas holiday. The energy shifted dramatically in the house. I knew mother sent this living, breathing, loving creature to soften our family’s sorrow. We were going to have an unforgettable Christmas.

Since I had arrived a week before Christmas, I intended to decorate mother’s house, shop for gifts, wrap festive packages, and bake goodies. I hoped to make the best of sad circumstances as our family had lost four members in the previous eight months. I just did not know a furry angel would be at my side. Rose helped me with everything. Whatever I was doing, she was close by. When I left to run errands, I knew she would be waiting to welcome me upon my return. She slept with me the first night and the remaining ten nights I was there. She staked out a spot under the Christmas tree and delighted in snoozing there nestled among the packages.

Kitty gifts were quickly added to my shopping list. Rose needed everything including a litter pan, litter, scoop, brush, toys, scratching post, and food bowls. And of course she had to have her own stocking and be dressed for Christmas!

My sister, two brothers and sister-in-law did indeed have a lovely Christmas and all because of Rose. Mother could have shopped until the end of time and never found a more perfect gift for us than the calico Christmas cat.

Bountiful Blessings!