Lexie Lee

My peaceful quiet life has suddenly changed. Two weeks ago Mom Linda disappeared to Missouri for the weekend. She told me she was bringing back two kittens to be my new buddies. She had talked about this idea for quite a while, but I was not too interested.

When she returned, I figured out these so called buddies were put in the guest bedroom. Oh, she was very glad to see me and all, but she spent extra time going in and out of that room. I decided to take matters into my own paws the first night. I stood on the other side of the closed door and let out two hisses that caused little shadows to jump way back. Oh, I wished you could have heard my hisses. I even scared myself. I thought that took care of the matter.

For the first week, I stayed away from the downstairs and that closed door. Mom Linda continued to go in and out of it, but she always kept the door shut. Sometimes she stayed in the room for quite a while. But I still got lots of attention and snacks. Then last weekend Mom Linda sat a carrying case in the middle of the dining room. I did not get too close to it. But I could see two heads looking out at me. They were very quiet and did not move. I just stayed in the same room and looked on. After a few moments, Mom Linda removed the case from the room, and I went about enjoying my day. Sometimes, I rolled around on a towel with new scents that I found on the floor.

Then for the next few days, the carrying case with the two heads appeared in the dining room, sometimes several times a day. The two heads moved around more in the case. They pushed on the mesh and wanted out. I watched patiently, but after a while I got bored watching them squirm around, so I hissed. Then I jumped onto my perch and ignored the carrying case.

Then the carrying case routine changed. One day Mom Linda unzipped the case and the two little heads attached to two little bodies came dashing out. They moved really fast and ran around the rooms. They were pretty silly to watch. But I was cool about it and kept my distance. I hissed a few times, and then Mom Linda put them back in the case and returned them to the bedroom.

Sometimes, I go to my bedroom and hide when the kittens appear. But I can still hear them running around. Today I am trying to finish Meowlogue and one of them jumped up on the back of the computer chair. Getting a little too close and let me tell you, I told her so!

Now I know you are wondering what these two kittens look like. Well, I hid Mom Linda’s camera. She was taking too many pictures for their thirteenth week birthday—which just happens to be today. So there will be no ohs and ahs now. But here’s some inside information—one of them is dark gray like me, and you know how cute I am!

Five Paws Up!