Who doesn’t love a happy ending to a cat story? My guest today is Anna Trusky who has an incredible tale to share about Ginger.

Please tell us about Ginger and how long she lived with you.
Ginger is the second kitty I adopted after Punkin. I wanted to get another cat, and I was sitting at my computer working one November day when I got on PetFinder.com and checked to see who was available at some of the local shelters. I wanted to get a young cat because I’d heard it was easier for them to adjust to a household with multiple pets and dogs. The only shelter that appeared to have kittens was a place called Yesterday’s Kittens in Deep River, Connecticut, about 45 minutes away. I called, and they said I could come right over, so I jumped in the car.

When I was there, this little orange and white furball was racing around, and I fell in love with her immediately. Her name at the time was Lark. She was between three and four months old, but undersized. They told me she probably wouldn’t live very long. She was one of seven kittens who had been rescued in Vernon, Conn. Several of her siblings had died, and she had almost been put down because she had been very ill. The vet thought she had a liver shunt and did not give her a good prognosis. I held her and was totally enchanted by her chubby little cheeks and beautiful green eyes.

I left and tried not to think about her. I went to other shelters and looked at other kitties. But I could not get her out of my mind. I was convinced that I was meant to be her mom. Finally, I went back there and offered to pay for her to have an ultrasound to really get to the bottom of the liver issue. The test was performed, and the vet thought that there was, indeed, a liver shunt. But I was in love, and I took her anyway, deciding that I would give her the best life possible for as long as possible. I brought her home on December 27. When she was a little older kitten, I had my vet order another ultrasound, and this one showed that she did have an unusual vein around her liver, but did not have a liver shunt after all!

When did she disappear?
She disappeared on July 3. Our Sheltie puppy had chewed on the corner of the screen on the sliding glass door so it flipped up, and Ginger apparently got out through the little hole. We NEVER let our cats out, but we definitely should have been more careful on this day. I did not realize she was gone until the next morning. It was very hot, and the kitties often go the basement where it’s cool, so we don’t always see all of them at the same time. (We had four.) We went out for a bite with a friend, and came home and went right to sleep. The heat was unbearable.

The next morning, I fed all the “kids.” Ginger did not show up for breakfast, which was not like her. Suddenly, I panicked. I ran all over the house, calling her. I woke up my husband and we walked all around the yard, the neighbors’ yards, and the neighborhood, calling and calling. For the next several days, I took walks and drives all over, looking and calling. I figured she’d gone into the woods, and was beside myself because there are a lot of coyotes, foxes, and fisher cats around.

How else did you look for Ginger?
I put an ad in the local paper, signs up in the neighborhood, and ads on Craigslist, PetFinder, and another Pets Lost and Found site. I even consulted with three psychics. The first one told me she immediately saw Ginger in spirit form. She said Ginger showed her a fox. She concluded that Ginger had been killed by a fox. The second one said Ginger was near the water, and was confused.(She later said Ginger was being taken care of by someone and was “in good hands.”) The third said she had been taken in by an older woman who lived in a nearby neighborhood, and I should distribute flyers there, which I did.

How were you reunited with Ginger?
It’s amazing — miraculous, really! Six weeks later, on August 15, I was working in my garden when I heard what sounded like a cat meowing. I thought maybe it was my neighbor’s cat, who is an outdoor cat, and that maybe he had gotten stuck in one of the tall trees that border the property behind us and the house next door to us. I walked around the fence and through the adjoining yards, looking all around, but I didn’t see or hear anything, so I went home.

Then I heard it again. I said to my husband, “Do you hear that? And he did.” I said, “I’m going back out there. You never know!” I walked back over to the next-door neighbor’s yard, calling “Kitty kitty kitty,” and this time I was answered with an anguished meowing. I really didn’t expect to find my girl, I thought it was probably the neighbor’s cat or a stray. Finally I traced the sound to a woodpile next to the next-door-neighbor’s house, which is only about 10 feet from our fence. I crouched down, and was astonished to see my Ginger’s little head pop out! I could not believe my eyes. I said “Ginger, let Mommy get you, okay?” and she did. I scooped her up in my arms and ran back to my house, yelling for my husband at the top of my lungs. He ran down the stairs and opened the door, and I got our little girl safely inside. “I just kept saying, ‘Oh, my God! It’s Ginger, It’s Ginger!'” Then I collapsed, sobbing.

What condition was Ginger in when you found her?
She was emaciated and dehydrated, but did not have a scratch or a bug on her.

How did you keep up hope that she would be found?
I just kept reminding myself that miracles happen. But I really thought that with all the predators around, the odds were that we would not see her again.

What was the hardest part for you?
Everything — feeling that I would never see her again, missing her beautiful presence among us, petting and loving her, feeling responsible for her getting out, and fearing that she had suffered and met a terrible fate.

What advice do you have for those who lose a cat?
Do everything you can and don’t lose hope — miracles really do happen!

How is Ginger doing now that she is home?
She’s still weak and traumatized, but gradually building up her strength. She’s eating and drinking, and her body seems to be functioning fine. There is still some hissing going on because the other cats are leery of her right now. Interestingly, she was much happier to see the dogs than the other cats! She greeted the dogs with a rub and her tail straight up! Also, we adopted a kitten from a shelter when we thought we would not see her again, and she’s not real happy about that! But he is a total love, and so wants to be friends with her. I hope the day will come when all the kitties will be playing together and happily coexisting once more!

Ginger’s incredible return brings tears to my eyes. I hope she continues to settle back into her former home life. She is so lucky to have you. You have shown that unwavering diligence in looking for Ginger paid off. Thank you Anna for sharing Ginger with us today.

The article How to find a lost cat includes valuable tips, many of which Anna used to help find Ginger.

Bountiful Blessings!