Lexie Lee

Finally, Mom Linda is home. I really missed her the past month. She went to the country in Missouri. I don’t know where that is except it’s a long way from Florida. She loves it there—wide open spaces, lots of trees, and beautiful family farm land. I wonder if I’d like the country. I used to spend all my days outside. Sometimes, it was fun chasing small critters and sunning in the garden. But often I was hungry when I couldn’t find enough food. I hated the rain and cold. Now I don’t have to worry at all.

Mom Linda let me stay at home—that was the best part of her being gone. I wasn’t stuck in a cage. She called every day, and I talked to her. It’s not the same as being in her lap, but I loved hearing her voice. She often had fun news. She decided to disconnect from her computer for a while. But she told me I could write my Meowlogue while she was gone. She went to a rodeo to see her niece compete in barrel racing. Her nephew played in a baseball tournament. She and her sister worked in their Iowa antique shop, making it pretty for fall and adding some new stuff. She took her Tatianna book everywhere and met with many shop owners. Mom Linda loves garage sales and auctions and as usual she shipped back lots of junk. I like when the boxes are empty and I can play in them. The sad part of her trip was getting her mother’s belongings ready for auction. But with her family’s help, they got it done. I know she really misses her mother. Well, I can understand that—I really miss my Mom Linda when she’s not around.

I especially miss playing our little welcome home game. Whenever she pulls into the driveway, she looks up at the window directly above the car and calls out my name. I meow, and our wacky little game begins. I know I have a few seconds to sprint down two flights of stairs to make it to the lower level. But I am fast. I like to jump on top of a wingback chair by the door. That way I can watch Mom Linda unlock the door and greet her properly. When she drops her bag, I zoom back up the stairs heading to the next part of the house where our game continues.

As she passes through the kitchen, she calls out my nickname, “Huckie, Huckie.” (No, I don’t know where that name came from!) Then we race simultaneously to the living room. She flops down on the couch at the same time that I fly onto the coffee table, rearranging the tablecloth. Sometimes, I even slide off the table. She pats her chest and I jump up, stretch out flat, and snuggle under her chin. I look forward to our welcome-home ritual every day! I think she does too!

I got to get off the computer. I hear Mom Linda’s car pulling into the driveway. Let the games begin!

Five Paws Up!