Lexie Lee

Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got tilapia in my tummy. Well, two little morsels that is. Mom Linda has a lot of nerve teasing me with fresh fish. Last night she made what she calls Mediterranean Tilapia. I don’t really know what that is except a big piece of fish. I saw it come out of the refrigerator in a white wrapper. I waited patiently at Mom Linda’s feet while she did stuff to it. She placed the fish on a big piece of tin foil.

I used to run whenever I heard the foil torn out of the box. Now I recognize the horrible but harmless sound and am not afraid. But I digressed. Back to the delicious fish so close to my paws. Anyway Mom Linda chopped up tomatoes and onions. She added black olives, capers and some spices and olive oil. I wasn’t interested in any of those things. I was hoping for a piece of raw fish, but before I knew it, she sealed up the fish in the aluminum foil package. Then she headed to the oven. While she was fiddling with the oven, I jumped up on the counter. Surely there would be a bite of something left behind for me. I figured she would not see me. I heard her say earlier in the week that she hoped her new glasses would arrive soon. So I didn’t think she could see very well. But I was wrong. I got into trouble. Drat!

As time went on, the kitchen smelled better and better. Once Mom Linda checked the fish by opening up the foil and peeking inside. When she did that, I didn’t think I could stand it another minute with baking tilapia wafting through the air. But she sealed the fish right back up and closed the oven door. To add insult to injury, she told me to eat my chicken and beef cat food. Who does she think I am? Just because it has gravy and is really one of my favorites, doesn’t mean I want it when fresh tilapia is in the house.

Stay patient I purred. Eventually the fish will come out of the oven. And it did. So I stationed myself close to Mom Linda at the dining room table and looked up at her. She was too busy unwrapping her dinner to pay any attention to me. So I meowed and put my paws on the edge of the table. That went over as well as getting up on the counter had. More trouble!

Stay patient I purred. Meow some more, change sides, wear her down. I know it always works. Well, what can I say, I am never wrong! She gave me one little piece which I inhaled. Then I had to go through my antics all over again in hopes of getting another nibble. One more, and that is all I got. But the two bites were so yummy and the highlight of my day (along with my special beef and chicken food), but let’s not tell Mom Linda!

Five Paws Up!