In Loving Remembrance
Rosemary B. Mohr
July 16, 1918—July 1, 2009

A Twilight Dream of Mother

Alone at twilight, tired and spent,
My thoughts are wandering far away
To mother dear beside the firelight,
Just at close of day.

Alone at twilight mother sits
And reads that dear old Book.
Her eyes are filled with light divine,
Upon her face that dear sweet look.

Her waving hair, now silvery white,
And cheeks now faded and wan,
She’s the dear, kind mother, just the same
As in happy days long gone.

One more look into your face, mother dear,
One more verse of that chapter sweet,
One more clasp of your hand, mother dear,
And the beautiful dream would be complete.

Copyright 1912 J.G. Staats

Bountiful Blessings!