A pair of cardinals that I named Caleb and Callie last year are back in my yard. Of course you can’t miss the brilliant red male, as shown in the photograph. The female cardinal is pale brown with red tinges on the wings, tail and crest. They come right up near me on the patio and perch on chairs or hop around on the ground hunting for breakfast. They fly in and out of the patio canopy. Recently I saw Caleb pick up a long root and drag it around before flying into a high tree branch. He looked like an airplane pulling a message! Of course, Lexie Lee is teased by the bird activity from her inside vantage point. She frantically runs back and forth on the windowsills.

I found this poem Blessing on a Garden by Nancy Byrd Turner that expresses my feelings about my garden paradise and all its floral and fauna.

Come, all good birds!
Robin and wren and thrush,
For every one a bush–
Come with glad words.

And all bright flowers:
Phlox and delphinium,
Rose, and tall lily, come–
Make fair the hours.

Come, bees, because here
Sweets without measure
Wait for your pleasure.
Butterflies, pause here.

Toads, find you room.
In the sweet thickets,
Humble brown crickets,
Make you a home.

Be kind here, weather!
Rain, wet the tender roots;
Sun, warm the golden fruits;
Dews, softly gather.

Love, be the warden;
Peace, all the borders fold.
God Himself once of old
Walked in a garden.

Bountiful Blessings!