I thought Mom Linda had forgotten about painting the living room, but not true. Then I thought the room would be done in a day, but wrong again.

Day 1: The painter arrived at 8 AM. I scooted right up to the bedroom. Boy I am glad I did. Within minutes Jennifer the housekeeper arrived. I couldn’t understand why she had to be here. But Mom Linda put her to work moving stuff. What a noisy day! A nearby house was getting a new roof, and another house had a caterpillar moving trees. I couldn’t hear myself purr! Late afternoon, I ventured out. Good news—my perch and glass table were still in the same spots.

Day 2: Today was even busier than yesterday. Not only was the painter back, but Mom Linda had two guys putting up bathroom wallpaper. The exterminator arrived for the monthly pest visit. Speaking of pests! I didn’t know why so many people were here. But that’s my Mom Linda. She said it’s going to be crazy anyway, so why not get the work done in a short time. Well, if it means less time hiding out for me, then I’m all for it. Later I found my perch had been moved, but it was still in the living room. The drapes were missing from the picture window. Now I like to hide behind those wispy curtains. This had gotten out-of-paw. I decided not to allow Mom Linda any lap time for upsetting me. I held out for over an hour. Then I knew she just couldn’t stand it any longer, so I jumped in her lap.

Day 3: Up extra early today. I saw Mom Linda from the bedroom window. She moved her car into the neighbor’s driveway—not a good sign. So I took things into my own paws. I simply went to the downstairs bedroom and hid. Later Mom Linda looked under the bed with a flashlight. I was really good at hiding between boxes. But she found me and told me I was so smart for coming down on my own. Well, give me some credit here. The wallpaper guys were tromping about over my head. And the painter was still doing his thing. Can’t he paint any faster?

Day 4: In the early morning, I jumped on Mom Linda’s bed and knocked the top off a glass cotton ball jar. Mind you it did not break, but sure made lots of noisy. Lucy, the yippy dog next door, heard the noise and barked for ten minutes. Today only the painter was here. The wallpapering was done. I sure hope everything on the bed from the bathroom gets put away soon. I don’t like tip-pawing through Mom Linda’s precious stuff. At the end of the day, I had to be kept off the window sills. I guess they weren’t ready for me to walk on. Mom Linda put me in the kitchen and closed a door. But I figured out how to open it. Mom Linda didn’t compliment me on my smartness this time. Instead I had to have each of my paws inspected, but I had been a good kitty and stayed away from the windows. She just didn’t know it!

Day 5: Good news, the painter finished in two hours today.

Now the rooms have to be put back together. I can’t see any of my favorite things. So in the meantime, I am visualizing being back in the lap of luxury in my favorite blue chair. How do I look?

Five Paws Up!