My most prized antique animal book is My Household of Pets written by Theophile Gautier and published in 1882. When I was finishing Tatianna, I was fortunate to find a copy in great shape. Chapter Three—Tatianna’s Arrival, opens with this Gautier passage.

“The cat makes himself the companion of your hours of solitude, melancholy and toil. He remains for whole evenings on your knee, uttering his contented purr, happy to be with you and forsaking the company of animals of his own species. Put him down and he will jump up again, with a sort of a cooing sound that is like a gentle reproach; and sometimes he will sit upon the carpet in front of you, look at you with eyes so melting, so caressing so human, that they almost frighten you; for it is impossible to believe that a soul is not there.”

What do you do think? Do cats have souls?

Bountiful Blessings!