Spring time and spring cleaning! I grew up in Missouri and recall our family efforts at spring cleaning. Storm doors and windows were removed. Windows were opened to let in spring breezes. We had a couple of rooms on the back of the house that were not heated in the winter. When spring arrived, we opened them up, and our house suddenly had lots more space. Bedspreads were hung on outdoor clothes lines to air out. Rugs were taken up from all the floors and hung on the lines or cleaned with rug beaters. (Today rug beaters are collectors’ items!) Floors were scrubbed, and windows polished.

I’ve lived in Florida for thirty-five years and have never spring cleaned my house! Actually in the spring, I am enjoying the last few weeks of having the house open since the air conditioning usually comes on in June. Then the house is closed up until late fall when the humidity drops. I am usually the last person in the neighborhood to turn on my air conditioning because I love having nature be a part of my indoors.

What does happen at my household in the spring is cleaning up massive amounts of kitty hair from Lexie Lee’s shedding her heavy winter coat. I am amazed at the amount of hair that ends up on the floor in spite of my regular combing and brushing. It seems to me the hair is magnetized. When I am not paying attention (like not sweeping the floors daily but then who is?) the hair finds other pieces of hair and forms tumbleweeds. The breezes round up the tumbleweeds, and some days I find them swirling around me or attacking my ankles! I have also found that tumbleweeds love to gather under beds, couches and dressers. I am not sure what they do in those hiding places. But I think they come out bigger while Lexie Lee gets smaller in the spring!

Does anyone spring clean anymore?

Bountiful Blessings!