I overheard Mom Linda talking on the phone this week—something about having the living room painted soon. She mentioned that everything had to be packed up, and the furniture had to be moved. I tell you I don’t like the sounds of this. I like the living room the way it is. My perch is perfectly centered in the picture window. I wonder where my perch is going? I love hiding under the coffee table that is covered with a table cloth. I’m pretty good at jumping out and grabbing Mom Linda’s ankles when she walks by. I bet I can’t play that game anymore.

This situation sounds too much like the upstairs renovation that we barely survived a couple years ago. For six long months, we lived in the lower level of the house. She made me a safe sanctuary in the guest bedroom—at least that’s what she called it. I ran there every morning when I heard the workmen arrive. This one guy rode a noisy motorcycle, and another guy drove an old van. It did not take me long to learn their sounds, and I ran to my cozy little retreat.

I have to admit my retreat was pretty neat. Mom Linda had all my favorite stuff like toys, catnip, and scratching post moved to this room. Of course my food and water bowls and litter box were there as well. I could curl up on the bed and sleep on an old sweater that Mom Linda used to keep on the upstairs bed for me. My favorite pastime before the upheaval was to hide between boxes under the master bed. So she made it just as amusing under the guest bed with some neat hideaways and cubby holes. And yes, I confess, I was often caught napping!

Sometimes the construction sounds got very loud and scary. But one day Mom Linda set up a radio in my room. She mentioned the radio would provide white noise. I didn’t know what that was. But from then on all those frightening and unfamiliar sounds were muffled, and I was not so scared.

During that time the rest of the house was chaotic. The living room and dining room were filled with stuff that did not fit in a big white thing in the driveway that Mom Linda called a POD. The living room was a fun room to be in because I hid under the furniture after the workmen left. I ventured up to the third story a few times, but the rooms were empty. So that wasn’t interesting. Even the window sills were gone! I remember that really upset me because I loved being on the window sills to look out over the street and to watch the birds, squirrels and neighbor’s dogs. I especially loved to watch for Mom Linda pull into the drive.

One day I learned she was having custom sills made just for me. Imagine that—she kept mentioning my name and telling the contractor he had to make the sills just right. They had to be wide enough so I wouldn’t fall off. Now I know what you are thinking, but it’s not true! She told him this was the most important part of the renovation. I sure did feel purrty special.

But I digressed. Now back to the fruit basket upset that is coming. I guess I will trust that everything will turn out purrfect for us. After all, the window sills did! Gotta go– I just saw Mom Linda pull into the drive, and I can’t wait to greet her!

Five Paws Up!