Fun-educational-rewarding! These three words describe the Cat College. I recently completed the 100 level courses and am returning for more. Cat College is a 3-month curriculum that helps you understand and care for your cats. Cat College just resumed with a new curriculum of 200 level courses. But the good news is you can pounce on these courses whenever you want because they are online and self-paced.

All you need to do is officially register (at no charge!!) Then you will have access to the courses until June 30 when the term ends. Be sure to register for the 100 level courses first as they are prerequisites for the second level. The 100 level cat courses include nutrition, biology, physical education, genetics, art history, sociology, language, psychology and zoology.

The 200 level course on how to safely and naturally clean a cat home caught my attention. Some of the other courses I will be studying this term include oral health, feline digestive health and the cat in ancient Egypt. The courses are taught by cat experts and instruction includes articles, charts, videos and quizzes.

If you meet the requirements for graduation, you will earn a Cat Applied Technology diploma. Graduates with top honors will earn a Magna Felis Laude diploma.

Full details on registration, curriculum and graduation are at CatChannel.

Bountiful Blessings!