I am blessed with a backyard haven for animals. My dining room is where I enjoy my animal kingdom. I start and end each day here with Lexie Lee in my lap. By day, this light-spilling Florida sunroom offers a panoramic view of my outside world and of my personal paradise.The open and airy room has five sets of colonial windows on the northern and eastern side as well as French doors. I appreciate light and revere nature from this room.

I watch the screeching blue jays take their morning bath. The neighbor’s rabbit hops across the patio and disappears into shrubbery in search of breakfast. A squirrel captures my attention as it scurries successfully along the utility lines. Later my bushy tailed friend performs acrobatics from the arbor much to my delight. A stray cat passes through to drink out of the swimming pool. A chameleon sunbathes on the back of a patio chair. Vibrant orange flowers punctuate the lush tropical vegetation.

At night the room becomes enchanted. Hundreds of white lights illuminate the courtyard, gazebo and patio. Landscape lighting showcases fluttering palm trees around the kidney-shaped pool. A sun dial magically reflects and dances in the pool. The night creatures, such as raccoons and opossums, visit. A soft breeze blows through the room, and I hear wind chimes lightly striking on the patio. I turn off all the interior lights and just sit there in awe and listen to the fascinating and calming sound of nature emanating from my blessed backyard sanctuary. I am blessed with a backyard haven for animals. Without fail, this room feeds and centers my soul by connecting me to God’s sacred animals.

Bountiful Blessings!