Cat College graduation was held on March 25 at for the Winter 2010 graduating class. Approximately 350 students earned C.A.T. degrees along with another 55 students graduating with top honors. I enjoyed participating in the first Cat College class and am pleased to graduate with top honors—Magna Felis Laude.

Actress Tippi Hedren and founder of Shambala Preserve, an exotic-feline sanctuary was the commencement speaker, and Dean Susan Logan, editor of CAT FANCY and CatChannel offered closing remarks. The valedictorian was Catherine Garrigus of Ashland, Ohio. She takes care of 50 rescue cats and hopes to incorporate as a nonprofit rescue center. She also manages two feral cat colonies. She is the winner of a year’s worth of Eukanuba cat food from Petco Bottomless Bowl.

An excerpt from Catherine’s graduation speech includes: “Tonight, we think of our kitties who benefit from our knowledge, and we keep close in our thoughts all kitties who are homeless, ill or abused and pray for their safety. We extend sincerest and most grateful thanks to those who work tirelessly to make this a better world for cats. What we have learned in Cat College will serve us well as we attend our kitties. Loving our cats means we endeavor every day to learn more about them. We know our cats communicate with us and love us. We know they look to us for safety and good health. We know they have a rich history alongside us bumbling humans. We know cats are loving beings who deserve the best we can give.”

The graduation ceremony complete with speeches can be found at Cat Channel

Bountiful Blessings!