So Relaxed!

Some days are more purrfect than others. Today is one of those five paws up days. Mom Linda is letting me write her blog. Now she’s told me for the past two years how I’m her inspiration—her muse I think she calls me. I lie smack up against the left side of her laptop and make sure she gets all her work done. But today I get to be my own inspiration. How cool is that! I’ve decided to write Lexie Lee’s Meowlogue. I got that idea watching a squirrel chattering at me earlier this morning.

I just hope I don’t mess up the computer. One time when I was helping Mom Linda grade a student paper, I hit a computer key. Everything on the screen turned sideways. Mom Linda sure looked funny trying to read the screen. She told me she got a crick in her neck. She had to call far away to get help and spend a long time on the telephone. But later one keystroke put the screen back in order. But let me tell you, Mom Linda was not too pleased with me that day.

I’m glad to have Mom Linda back from spring break. But she’s been really busy this week with new classes starting. Now that it’s Friday, she does not have any classes—so I get to have her all to myself. It’s been raining for hours and is cold. This is great snuggle time. I am going to make the most of it. Mom Linda has been lying on the couch all morning. She said she is really tired. She’s wrapped up in a chenille robe. I don’t really know what chenille is—except it is soft and cozy and I like the sound of the word. And the best part is my black fur makes quite the fashion statement on the pink chenille.

Mom Linda says it’s really a treat to lounge around and not have to put on heels and hose and a suit. I guess I’m lucky to wake up in my beautiful fur coat everyday and don’t have to figure out what to wear. I know Mom Linda spends lots of time in her closet asking me what she should wear. I like to climb up her shoe shelves for entertainment. Sometimes I jump out from the clothing and scare her. She has a neat closet with all kinds of hiding places. But I better behave myself. I want to write another Lexie Lee Meowlogue real soon.

Mom Linda always tells me—Linda loves Lexie Lee. Well Lexie Lee loves Linda—especially when she is home all day. What could be more purrfect?

Five Paws Up!