Our guest today is Michelle Morris who shares this poignant tribute to her beloved fur friend.

In Memory of My Beloved Midnight  July 15, 1994-January 16, 2010

Midnight came into our lives November 1994.  He was a 4 month old chubby little black ball of fur with beautiful green eyes and instantly won our hearts.  We had just brought a real Christmas tree home and hadn’t yet decorated it.  He took one look at it and up he went.  He thought we had put a tree in the house just for him.

Midnight had the run of the house and thought he was king.  He would be waiting for me, when I came home from work, because he was lonely and wanted to play.  I decided he needed a companion so on December 25th, 1995 Tasha arrived to became  a part of our family.  That didn’t sit well with Midnight because he now had to share  “his” house.  A love/hate relationship developed that would last for the next 14 years.  He loved her but wouldn’t let anyone know that he did.  If they were separated, he wasn’t happy until they were back together.

My favorite nick-name for him was “Buddha Boy” because, when he sat up perfectly still,  he looked just like a little buddha statue.

He was a loving kitty and never met a stranger.  He would introduce himself to anyone that came into our house.  And of course, he always had to be the center of attention.  I had many product sale parties over the years.  Never wanting to be left out, and to make sure he wasn’t,  he would jump right into the middle of the person’s display case and sit there as proud as a peacock for all to see.

He brought so much joy into our lives and never asked for anything in return except for food and water.  He saw us through years of happiness, sadness and sickness.  He wouldn’t leave my side when I was sick, curling up against me in bed as if he presence would cure anything that was wrong. 

My husband’s job required him to travel quite often so I decided my daughter and I needed a dog for protection.  We adopted a six month old puppy in August 2000 and named her Abby.  Abby is a black lab mix and grew into a 80 pound dog.   Midnight took a dislike to Abby and never forgave us for bringing her into “his” house.

He developed health problems as he grew older and had to make more visits to the veterinarian than he thought was necessary.   He didn’t like visiting the veterinarian and would show his dislike when the doctor came into the room.  The sweet little loving kitty would instantly turn into the cat from hell by snarling, hissing and showing his teeth.  It was almost comical to watch him.

September of last year he cut his leg and had to have surgery.  He slowly recovered but soon developed a cyst that wouldn’t heal.  His health deteriorated over the past few days and, when I came home from class this afternoon, I found him laying motionless.  He looked into my eyes and I knew he was saying goodbye.  He was suffering and I knew what had to be done.  I bundled up my “Buddha Boy” in a towel and held him in my arms as my husband drove us to an emergency veterinarian clinic.  The trip was over too soon.

Once inside we were shown into an examing room to wait.  I knew how sick he was when he didn’t flinch from the sound of dogs barking in the other rooms.  The time had come for us to say our final goodbyes and with tears running down our faces and hearts heavy we turned and walked out, leaving Buddha Boy for the last time.   It was one of the toughest decisions I have had to make but  knew Midnight was no longer suffering.

Tears are streaming down my face and my heart feels like it is going to break as I write this story.  In the background I can hear Tasha running thru the house crying because she cannot find her companion.  It is going to be a very long night.

Midnight is gone from our physical lives but he will live in our hearts forever.

Thank you Michelle for sharing Midnight’s story and photo of your daughter. What a beautiful connection you shared for over fifteen years.

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Bountiful Blessings!