Last Friday marked a milestone for Catnip Connection. It was the two-year anniversary for the launch of this blog (February 12, 2008) on SeattlePi

Numerous columns later here I am–still writing and loving every minute of it. As I looked back over some of the topics, I found that Haiti Animal Relief generated the most comments. A big thank you for all who took the time to offer helpful information.

Just as I believe in celebrating personal milestones, I also believe strongly in honoring our fur friends who have impacted our lives. On 9/10/09 I wrote about Pet Tributes. One reader shared this poignant tribute for her black cats.

“I knew when I got my cats, that barring some unfortunate accident, I would most likely live well beyond their years. So, I commissioned a work of art. They are both black cats. I found an artist who had the talent to “sketch” them in artistic and realistic poses. Note, this wasn’t just a copy of a photograph (many artists do that and I’m sure it’s fine for some, but for me – I already have the photo, I don’t need a copy of it in another medium). She used material which is basically black wax on white paper. Then, to sketch, she scratched away the wax to reveal the white underlining. It turned out absolutely beautiful and captured both cats exactly.

I lost one of them in January this year at 18 and the other I fear is in her final year (she’ll be 18 in 4 days). End of last year, I used a black ink pad and put all their paw prints on the back of the “painting”. In addition, my first to go has his favorite toy hanging from his side of the artwork. His ashes are in a tin in my bedroom, but I prefer to remember him by his picture and not his remains.”

What a beautiful tribute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!