One of my Cat Writers’ Association colleagues has an astounding collection of over 1000 cat books! Now I have lots of books between being a professor, writer and collector, but not quite that many. I am always on the lookout to add more. I buy books to be inspired, to be entertained, to add to special collections and to use as references.

Every January the North Palm Beach Library has a four-day book sale. I have attended enough years that I have the layout of books memorized. So do the other attendees! I arrived ten minutes early and got in line. The minute the door opened, everyone dashed in. I headed to the cookbook section along with four other women. I quickly scanned titles and grabbed Early American Cooking, Mountain Elegance—Asheville Junior League, A+ in Cooking (recipes from a teacher!) and Christmas Cookie Cookbook.

Next it was the nature section. I found The Everything Cat Book. The literary and poetry stop resulted in a beautifully illustrated copy of Little Men. The reference section was quite interesting. I found John Bartlett Quotations, Poem for the Day, Modern English Composition (a book my mother would have studied from with a publication date of 1934) plus a little book called 20,000 Words also published in 1934.

But I was not finished. I couldn’t leave without checking out the travel section. To my excitement, I found World’s Great Train Journeys. I had recently commented to a friend that I wanted to go on a Royal Scotsman train tour—it was in the book! I found Daily Guideposts 2009, Grace Notes by Alexandra Stoddard (someone I hope to meet someday), and Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul. My Mother Before Me caught my eye as well.

I grabbed a Nicholas Sparks and a Jan Karon novel (two of my favorite contemporary writers) to replace poor condition copies. A hard cover copy of Thornbirds (a favorite novel and series) will replace a tattered paperback version. A little pocket size book called On the Anniversary of Your Loss was added to my pile and gave me an idea for a writing project!

What a way to spend an hour and what a worthy cause for the Friends of the Library. It was truly chicken soup for me! Can’t wait till next year!!

Bountiful Blessings!