Earlier this week a lost pet sign was posted on a stop sign a block from my house. As I made my way through the community, I saw several more signs. I pulled over to get a better look. A beautiful photograph of a black cat took up most of the flyer. A description at the bottom included twenty-one pound black cat, ear clipped, one white foot, female, medium length hair and freckle on nose. The flyer went on to state the indoor cat was lost on January 18 and how to contact the owners. I wonder how often a lost cat like this makes its way back home.

Many years ago my next door neighbor let her two miniature pinschers out in the back yard for a few minutes. One of them was gone when she went to bring them back inside. She never did find her dog. It was as though the dog simply vanished into thin air. I will never forget her futile calling in the neighborhood for the dog.

Cats can slip through open doors so easily. Sometimes, no one even sees them escape or the cat moves too fast to be caught.

Do you have a happy ending story about a cat that got out, but was later found?

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