Creative Writing Class--Northwood University

I presented “The Creative Process–so you want to be a writer” in Professor Link’s creative writing class at Northwood University on January 15. My emphasis was how the creative process impacted the writing, publishing and marketing of Tatianna. My favorite definition of creativity is this: the natural order of life and a divine gift to each of us. According to Peter Koestenbaum creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes.

What's Next?

Several techniques kept me going. One was creative tension. This was picturing a split screen with the ideal (holding the book in my hand) on one side and the reality (the unfinished manuscript stuffed in a drawer) on the other. As I recognized the gap between the two, the gap became creative tension. This helped me move closer to the ideal. A second technique I used was micromovement. This was simply doing something, doing anything to move closer to my ideal. Some days it meant only spending five minutes on the project, but it was a step closer.

Congratulations Elizabeth!

My favorite creative tool was Julia Cameron’s artist dates. This was a weekly two-hour time block for me only. The purpose was to nurture my creative consciousness, my inner artist. The time spent in solitude could be anything I enjoyed. For me it was going to ethnic restaurants or junk shopping. I went to French, Greek and Italian cafes and pretended I was transported abroad. The theory goes that when we are involved in creative endeavors, any extended period or piece of work draws heavily on our artistic well, overtapping the well and leaving us with diminished resources. After my excursions, I returned home self-nourished and inspired. Creative tension, micromovement and artist dates are still an integral part of my life today as a writer and professor.

The presentation ended with a drawing for a door prize–a copy of Tatianna–Tales and Teaching of My Feline Friend.

What does creativity mean to you? How do you foster creativity? Please share your comments.

Bountiful Blessings!