I was in the Publix Supermarket earlier today. Checkout posters gave consumers information about donating money to the Haiti Relief & Development Fund. The cashier asked if I would like to donate. The process was simple—the amount was just added on to the bill. The money will be channeled through the American Red Cross to Haiti.

A student in one of my university classes this week was too distraught to complete her mid-term exam. She had been frantically trying to reach her father and sister in Haiti, but to no avail. My heart was breaking for her. She reminded me of my next door neighbor years ago. Four excruciating days passed before she made contact with her daughter in Miami following Hurricane Andrew.

So during moments like this, we wonder what we can do to help. This disaster is close to home as I have had many students over the years from Haiti. Everyone, including humans and animals, is in my thoughts and prayers.

According to ConsumerSearch, “so far, animal relief organizations like the Humane Society and the ASPCA are not making large appeals for Haiti’s animal population. As with Hurricane Katrina, it may be a few days before animals’ agencies can start rescue operations and get personnel and supplies into the area. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is on alert, noting that humanitarian efforts need to be well underway before animal rescue efforts can begin in earnest.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has the following information posted today: “AVMA is closely monitoring the early response in Haiti to determine if and how we and others involved in animal welfare and health may assist in the Haiti response and recovery efforts. As always with disasters like this, the humanitarian rescue efforts will be the focus in Haiti for the first week or so. However, veterinarians are on standby to assist with the tragedy.”

If you have any information regarding Haiti animal relief, please pass the information along.

Bountiful Blessings!